Mindfulness Techniques for Cultivating a More Mindful and Present Meeting

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Mindful Meeting Pros techniques have been scientifically proven to reduce stress, foster empathy and boost performance at work. Furthermore, they facilitate communication within teams as well as helping you and your colleagues solve problems more rapidly.

Mindfulness before a meeting can help ensure everyone arrives on the same page and has an effortless transition into the gathering. Try one of these five mindfulness exercises to get started today!

Intention Setting

Intention setting is an effective MMP mindfulness technique that can help you increase your presence in meetings. Additionally, it enables you to set objectives and craft plans with greater odds of success.

Furthermore, setting a daily intention doesn’t take up a lot of your time – just one minute! That makes it perfect to fit into even the busiest schedule!

Start this practice in an area where you feel comfortable being yourself. This could be a meditation or yoga space, your living room, office, favorite coffee shop or even at home in the quiet of your bedroom.

Once you’ve closed your eyes and taken a deep breath, take some time to invite in your wisest self and ask what your highest intention for today is. This could include being more present, compassionate, or aligning with your values and beliefs.

Mindfulness Walk

Mindful walking is an exercise in mindfulness Meeting Planners that can be done anywhere, but it’s best done outdoors. In a mindful walk, you take 10-20 steps in one line and then return to your starting point.

To maintain a steady rhythmic pattern while walking, take your time and walk slowly. If it becomes difficult for you to maintain this speed for an extended period of time, consider slowing down your pace.

Start by finding a peaceful spot in your home, office or at a park where you can get some fresh air and move. Set a timer and commit to practicing for at least 5-10 minutes.

You could also try “visualization,” which involves focusing on a goal or event and then visualizing it becoming reality. Visualization helps you stay present while relieving stress. Plus, it increases your sense of connection to others as well as building confidence and self-esteem.

Body Scan

Body scan meditation is a practice that helps you connect to your body and feel sensations. It’s an excellent way to cultivate embodied attention, which can be challenging when your mind is racing.

In addition to relieving stress and managing emotions, body scan meditation may also aid in improving sleep quality at night. Studies have demonstrated that body scan meditation improves the capacity for falling asleep more easily as well as reduces the severity of certain sleep issues such as insomnia.

This Corporate Meeting Planners technique involves paying attention to different body parts, such as your feet, legs, arms and neck. At each point, take a moment and notice how it feels to you – whether tense, relaxed, tingling or painful. Acknowledge the experience without judgment and pay attention without judgment.

Five Senses

Mindfulness is a type of meditation that requires you to pay attention to what you are sensing and feeling in the present moment. This can be accomplished through breathing techniques, meditative postures or guided imagery.

Your five senses work together to provide a complete picture of your environment. Your ears pick up sounds, eyes see colors, hands feel and taste food, and nose takes in aromas in the air.

For example, if you are at work and you notice the smell of coffee in the kitchen, it may not be quite what you expect. By paying attention to all these sensations, mindfulness helps create a richer and more varied experience in life by stimulating all five senses.


Mindfulness isn’t something that can be learned overnight, but it can have a tremendous effect on how you approach work and your relationships with others. It increases your capacity as an intuitive leader who empathizes with others when making tough decisions in the moment.

Selim Khan

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