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MIS in post office interest rate 2022

MIS full form in post office: Today in this post we will tell you about such a scheme of post office which can become our source of income.

There is a very good scheme of post office and there is a very popular scheme in the post office scheme named Post Office Monthly Income Scheme i.e. MIS (MIS- MIS full form in post office). In a very short time, it became popular among the general public, the reason for its popularity is the interest received in it and the amount to be credited monthly.

What is MIS Scheme (MIS full form in post office)?

By whose name you will also be able to understand that it means Monthly Income Skin i.e. whatever money we deposit in the scheme, whatever interest above will be transferred to our account every month, it means that it is a scheme giving us regular income.

2. What is the eligibility to open MIS full form in post office account?

  • To open this account, you must be an Indian citizen and your age ie above 18 years of age, anyone can open this account.
  • On opening the account, you will have to deposit a minimum amount of 1000 in the account.
  • The maximum amount has also been fixed to open this account as you can invest up to 4.5 lakhs in this scheme.
    If you want to open a joint account, then this facility has also been given to you, then your maximum investment limit in this will be 9 lakhs.

3. What is Maturity Period in MIS full form in post office?

  • The maturity of this scheme is PDS 5 years, meaning you will continue to get interest in this scheme for 5 years.
    In this I can neither increase nor reduce your maturity period.
  • But if you want to close the account due to an emergency, that means there is also an option of premature closure, but the option of premature closure will be open only after 1 year and deduction charges are also applicable in it.

4. How much can I invest?

  • I will get you 6.6% of the address.

5. Who runs the scheme?

If this scheme is run by the Ministry of Finance, then there is no question of its safety.

6. How much are the returns?

MIS full form in post office:
Investment (Rs.) =Period =Interest =Monthly Income (Rs.)
100000 =5 Year =6.60% =550
200000= 5 Year =6.60% =1100
300000= 5 Year =6.60%= 1650
450000= 5 Year =6.60%= 2475
900000 =5 Year =6.60% =4950

7. What are the Tax Benefits?

No tax benefit of section 80c is available in this scheme. Normally in all the schemes of post office, tax benefit of section 80c of 1.5 lakh is available but in this scheme this benefit is not available and if you come under income tax category then whatever The interest you have turned on will be taxable, if you do not fall in the income tax category, then you will not have to pay any tax on the interest.

8. How to create an account in MIS?

Account in MIS scheme (MIS) can be done in any post office, it has the facility that it is also available, if your location is also a thing, then you can get your account transferred in the same location and MIS scheme ( In MIS, you will have to open the account by going to the post office, till now the facility to open an online account in the post office has not come.

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