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Last updated on September 9th, 2022 at 11:45 am

If you are considering hiring a mobile app development company, you should know how much it costs, how to go about the process, and what your requirements are before you make the final decision. Below is a brief explanation of what mobile app development services can do for your business. This can help you make an informed decision and avoid spending more than you need to.


Before starting an app development project, it is important to understand how much the development process will cost. The time it takes to create an app can be a major factor. An app can require as many as 100 hours of development time. This time will be multiplied by the developer’s hourly rate, which varies by region and company.

Costs are also affected by the complexity of the app’s features. While basic apps can be developed with as little as 20 to 25 hours of development time, more advanced features require more time and a higher price tag. App development costs are also affected by the technologies used to create the app.


Mobile app development services is a multi-dimensional process that involves identifying a product’s needs and defining a roadmap to get there. Mobile app developers need to build installable software bundles, deploy backend services, and test the applications on target devices. The two most popular platforms for mobile apps are iOS and Android.

The success of mobile app development depends on how well this process is executed. It’s critical to provide timely support and updates for your app. A web application can have patches pushed to its users immediately, whereas a native mobile app needs to go through a submission process. And because of constant technological advances, native mobile apps need to update regularly to remain compatible with new mobile OS platforms and devices.

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To make an app that is suitable for the modern market, the company should focus on user experience. This includes both the front-end navigation as well as the back-end utilities. In addition, the app needs to be optimized for modern devices and have the right infrastructure. These infrastructures include the software kit, servers, and interfaces. Moreover, mobile app development services should focus on cost management.

For instance, if you need to store user credentials to log in to your app, you must use an API that has secure authentication. Fortunately, there are many APIs available that can help you with this. It’s not enough to choose a company that can do all of this for you.

Costs in Ukraine

The costs of mobile app development in Ukraine are considerably lower than in other European countries. While the average cost of hiring a top app developer in the West can run into the thousands of dollars, the costs in Ukraine are more reasonable. Additionally, because the time zone difference is smaller, you can easily communicate with your developers in their working hours. This will help your cooperation become more efficient.

Ukraine has a thriving IT industry and a large number of highly skilled software experts. Many global tech companies have set up R&D bases in the country, and this has made it one of the leading IT nations in Eastern Europe. The country’s robust IT ecosystem attracts US startups seeking partners in the field of application development.

Charter Global

Charter Global offers a wide variety of information technology solutions, including web application development, mobile app development, cloud computing, and e-commerce. These services are designed to help organizations improve strategy, performance, and customer loyalty. With an experienced team of developers, Charter Global can help you make the most of your technology investments.

Charter Global’s mobile app developers can design and build hybrid applications that work seamlessly with existing systems. They can also create custom mobile applications based on existing infrastructure, which helps speed up time to market.

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