Most Common Known Effects Of LSD Drug

Taking as little as 20 g of LSD can have a significant impact on the user.


Pupil dilation, decreased appetite, intense sweating, and increased alertness are all possible side effects of taking LSD in its physical form. However, other bodily reactions to LSD are highly diverse and vague, and some may even be collateral effects of the drug’s psychological effects. Body temperature, blood sugar, and heart rate elevations, as well as goose bumps, jaw clenching, mouth dryness, and hyperreflexia, have all been recorded. Feelings of numbness, weakness, nausea, and tremors have been reported in conjunction with distressing events.


Visual hallucinations and illusions (often known as “trips”) are the most prevalent initial psychological effects of LSD, and they vary depending on how much is used and how the dosage interacts with the brain. The effects of oral administration of LSD (less when snorted or administered intravenously) typically begin 20-30 minutes after ingestion, reach their peak 3-4 hours later, and can persist up to 20 hours. In some cases, users report feeling “high” for several days or weeks after taking the substance. Intense happiness or euphoria, a heightened appreciation for life, decreased anxiety, a sense of spiritual enlightenment, and a feeling of belonging or oneness with the cosmos are commonplace among those who report having had a good trip. Negative events, often known as “bad trips,” can cause a person to feel a wide range of negative emotions, including irrational fear, anxiety, panic, paranoia, dread, distrust, hopelessness, and even suicidal thoughts. Although it’s hard to know exactly when a terrible trip will happen, there are things that can be done to reduce the likelihood of it happening, like regulating one’s frame of mind, environment, sleep, water intake, and social situation (or “set and setting”).


There is a direct correlation between the amount of LSD taken and the length of time spent in a heightened sensory state, which can last anywhere from six to twenty hours. Within the first 30–90 minutes after intake, a user may feel anything from mild to severe perceptual and cognitive disturbances. Alterations in the capacity to perceive sound and sight are also common.

Radiant or more vibrant colours may be experienced, as well as the appearance of objects and surfaces that ripple, “breathe,” or otherwise move, spinning fractals superimposed on one’s vision, coloured patterns behind one’s closed eyelids, a distorted perception of time, geometric patterns emerging on walls and other textured objects, and morphing objects. Additionally, some users have a persistent metallic flavour while under the influence. It’s possible that users will develop aversions to meals that they would otherwise enjoy, and that the food’s texture or flavour will be altered. The results were similar in rats.

It has been reported that inanimate things, such as those that are immobile in three dimensions but appear to be moving in one or more more dimensions, exhibit an incomprehensible form of animation. Form constant studies have also been done on many of the fundamental visual phenomena, which are similar to phosphenes that may be observed when pressure is applied to the eye. Concentration, or changes in thought, emotion, or music, can sometimes alter these effects and patterns.

Where to get it?

There are two most common ways. One can go to a pharmacy store to purchase through a doctor prescription. Second on is that a person can also buy lsd online.

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