Most Iphone Repairs

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iPhone repair

So many iPhone problems can be solved quickly and easily: With an iPhone repair. We will show you where to turn with which problems. We offer iPhone repairs at affordable prices.

Repair of the display

A cracked or cracked screen is one of the most common iPhone repairs. Fortunately, there are now several ways to repair the display – and most can be done in the waiting time. The cost of repairing a broken screen varies depending on the iPhone model: the best way to find the best deal is to visit our workshop for the right model and then order the iPhone repair from them.

Battery repair

If your iPhone won’t charge, it could be a battery problem. You can often replace the battery yourself, but this is a tricky process that requires special tools. However, it is the safest way to contact us.

Repair of loudspeakers

If your sound isn’t working, there may be a problem with the iPhone’s speakers or with the connection cables. We can determine very quickly whether the cable is defective – and replace the defective component at low cost.

Repair of buttons and touch screen

If your keyboard or touch screen has stopped working, it’s probably due to the connection cables. Turn to us for this iPhone repair as well.

Home button repair

If your iPhone’s home button isn’t working, it could be a problem with the button itself or with the connection cables. A quick test can determine the cause of the problem – and as experienced technicians we can fix the problem quickly.

Repair of the microphone and headphones

If your iPhone’s microphone isn’t working or you’re having poor sound when using headphones, there may be a faulty cable connection in the iPhone.


The many different types of iPhone repairs can be performed quickly and easily. If you have a problem with your iPhone, the best way to find a solution is through our online iPhone repair shop. With our technicians you can find the best price for any type of iPhone repair!

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