Mr.Traficante: Revealing The Story Behind His Hit Single”Like A Banka.”

Music connects various genres, including rap, which has a rich history and massive fame that puts myriad artists into the limelight. Besides all these glorious headlines, modern rap seduces the music industry because artists like Mr.Traficante are again in the league to run the show. The thing is not just about music; mysteries will open your vision about music and its strength in the digital era.

The Man behind the Masterpiece

Mr.Traficate always looks cool; shockingly, it does not affect his creativity to produce powerful music. An RnB enthusiast and music lover, Mr. Traficante owns thousands of hearts due to his various cheesy music genres that connect him with his fans. The interaction with poetry in his teen years fueled his passion for jotting down his creative thoughts as inspirational and magnetic lyrics.

One of the most successful songs by Mr. Traficante is “Like a Banka,” which received around 100k views on YouTube.

“I instantly fell in love with the song and wrote it within 5 minutes”, said Mr. Traficante.

This song has great groovy vibes, amazing production, and aesthetic videos. The video contains a lavish lifestyle, soothing beats, and rap flow. The song’s chorus is so dope, and this is what a perfect song sounds like due to Mr.Traficante’s appealing personality and damn hot looks. He knows how to enhance the sex appeal of the song, so Mr.Traficante made it harder to produce this kind of masterpiece track. This song, in a short time, became a hit. It is available on several platforms, such as Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.

The Music Geek Urges To Produce More Masterpieces

His obsession for music stretched out with time, making him more of a music geek about his various musical genres.  You’ll have heard that “music chooses the ones who have music in their heart.” Music demands sacrifice in the form of time, energy, dedication, and hard work. Like other artists, Mr. Traficante also faced many difficulties ranging from toxic relationships to facing things that created a messed up scenario for him. Besides all these challenges, Mr. Traficante stood like a rock and decided to spread positive vibes through his musical journey.

”There are many things I couldn’t and can’t control in life, but I decided to take control of what I could, push it in a better direction, and stay focused on that.” said Mr.Traficante

Mr. Traficante produces relatable music near the heart of those who experience huddles daily and have traumas and toxic relations. The feel of his music is usually based on the bitter reality of life. Mr.Traficante. He also played at Barcode in Elizabeth, New Jersey, a high-end club where only known musicians can perform. The voyage thrust his image into the spotlight, where he created a larger vision for which he strived every day.

Later, he showcased his music to the world to ease the strains and soothing to the ears. He expresses his emotions through music and singing his heart out. He turns the surroundings, experiences, and emotions like anger and grief into positive and guiding ones.

In one of his interviews, Mr. Traficante said that;

“I really enjoy and am inspired by the work of Tupac, Jayz, Nas, 50, Eminem, Fabolous, Lil Wayne, and now also artists like The Weeknd and Drake. There are also many battle rappers, such as Loaded Lux and Hollow da don, helping you push through the tough times when life gives you lemons to very sour ones.”

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