Muscle car energy has been boomed through Ram 1500 Revolution

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(Autofun Philippines) Ram is late to the game with an EV truck, but this “open letter to fans” has a lot to offer. It even follows you everywhere.

Tesla has high hopes on the Cybertruck – if he can get it off the market. The Chevy Silverado EV will go on sale later this year. But if your view is “Mopar or no car,” you might be wondering what Ram is ready to deploy in this next electric truck arms race?

At CES 2023, we finally know. Stellantis’ truck brand has unveiled the all-electric Ram 1500 Revolution BEV concept, which aims to deliver all the muscle car power Mopar fans have been waiting for when a version of it arrives. The production version will go into production in 2024. This production version will be officially revealed in the next few months.

What’s more, the design of the “Ram Rev”, as its name suggests, heralds a whole generation of electric and electrified Ram trucks that will arrive in the next few years. While Ram Philippines has ceded many titles to rivals that made waves with the launch of EV pickups, Ralph Gilles, Stellantis’ multi-brand design director, dismissed the idea for that Ram is behind whatever it is going to happen.

Gilles says the goal was to build a concept that contained “almost every idea we got” from a team that used Post-it notes taped to the wall during brainstorming sessions. And that’s also to preview a truck that Ram calls “a leader in all areas that are most important to customers,” including electric range, towing capacity, payload and charge times. Ram doesn’t give specific numbers on most of those specs, but with pickups set to become the next big frontier for electric vehicles, it’ll need impressive numbers to be a contender. top member. Gilles says he will deliver. It’s not just Ram who runs after his rivals in the electric car race. The same can be said for Stellantis’ parent company, known as Fiat Chrysler, which has for years been running on a number of electrified products such as the Jeep Wrangler 4xe and the Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid.

This is starting to change – and fast. Stellantis has outlined an aggressive plan for electric vehicles in 2021. Last year, it unveiled a Daytona charger and two electric Jeeps – with two more to come by 2025. Also, at this year’s CES, Stellantis showcased Chrysler’s Synthesis cockpit concept, which aims to preview the automated, screen-flooding future of our screens as that American brand transitions to fully electric vehicles. in 2028. It looks like this far-reaching international company is finally getting serious about electrification through its 14 brands.

Until production trucks drop, Ram fans considering parting with gasoline have an outstanding concept to watch.

With a low roofline that reaches to the underside of the truck and powerful front and rear LED lighting (complete with brightly illuminated “RAM” tuning fork logos), the concept is a bit bold and bold. more experimental in design than Ford’s direct competitors. and GM; it’s more like Rivian than the F-150 Lightning. 

The Ram Revolution looks like a companion truck to the Dodge Charger Daytona EV concept that debuted a few months ago. And like this electric muscle car’s fake groan to simulate engine noise – Dodge apparently decided it wouldn’t be the same if the car hadn’t woken up the neighborhood even a little. with a modest push of the gas – the Ram concept takes pride in the placement of special amenities and features.

Here, however, many of them help to tow, transport, park or simply impress passengers. The concept included a passing middle gate – remember the old Chevy Avalanche? It’s a feature loved by many truck owners, but it’s not yet universal, although many electric vehicles like the Silverado Electric and GMC Sierra are following this route. This helps accommodate large items for storage and transport, like the Ram Rev’s trunk, which includes grocery hooks, power outlets, and storage accessories.

The middle door also has a third row of extra seats that can protrude slightly outside the car, although not in the bed like the Subaru BRAT. Safety rules have changed a lot since 1978.

Then there’s Shadow Mode, which allows the truck to follow the driver ahead of it. “This voice-activated feature can be useful in situations where the driver needs to travel a short distance and doesn’t want to return to the truck, such as when picking up tools or equipment,” Ram said. from the construction site”. declare. “The truck will follow the driver at a safe distance, using sensors and camera technology to navigate around obstacles.”

Inside, there are almost no buttons, with most functions transferred to the touchscreen. But that screen can be removed and used as a standalone tablet, and the advantage of packing the EV allows the entire cabin to be 4 inches longer than the typical Ram 1500.

And in another sign that automakers are taking virtual assistants and metaverse-style features seriously – see more concept cars and BMW’s full CES presentation – Revolution also offers the assistant Voice support iPhone. the “face” of the truck.

What’s more, includes a retractable steering wheel when Level 3 or higher autopilot is activated; an external projector that plays movies outside the truck; smart home tuning from the infotainment system; and a “smart storage app” that uses augmented reality to let drivers measure objects to make sure they fit in the truck.


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