Muslim Khula Law in Pakistan For Couples

Muslim Khula Law in Pakistan
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Muslim Khula Law in Pakistan:

If you need Muslim khula law in Pakistan from law firm in Lahore, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Delegated Divorce (Talaq-i-Tafweez) Talaq-iTafweez can also be referred to as Talaq-i Tawhid. Literally, tafweez is a reference to “delegate.” A Muslim husband may delegate his ability to pronounce Talaq to his wife or to anyone else. However, this doesn’t deprive the husband of his ability to pronounce Talaq in spite khula law in Pakistan from law firm in Lahore.

Muslim Husband:

09 A Muslim husband is entitled to say the word “Talaq. He can also confer his power on an individual to pronounce Talaq. He can confer this authority on the wife or another person to annul the union. Ability to delegate power A husband:) He is of sound mind and B) Anyone who is over puberty age can delegate the right to declare the word Talaq. If a husband develops mental illness after delegating his authority, the delegated power is not invalidated. It is not required for the wife or other person who is delegated to have reached puberty.


The Muslim husband is entitled to terminate his relationship with his spouse anytime they want through khula law in Pakistan from law firm in Lahore. The right is so complete that he can exercise it on his own or delegate his rights to another person, which includes his wife. Divorce of such a person who acts as the agent of the husband who is under his authority is referred to as delegated divorce. In a delegated divorce, the Talaq that is pronounced by the person who is acting as agent is as valid as if it had been made by the husband, and the marriage is dissolved.

Law Firm in Lahore:

Regarding the khula law in Pakistan from law firm in Lahore a Muslim husband may delegate power either completely or in a conditional manner and permanently. A power transfer that is permanent can be revoked, but an unintentional delegation of power isn’t. The delegated power must be made specifically in favor of the individual to whom power is delegated, and the motive behind the delegating must be clearly stated. This type of divorce delegated is possibly the most powerful weapon available to the Muslim wife to gain freedom without the interference of any court on khula law in Pakistan from law firm in Lahore.


A contract signed with the wife’s consent is deemed to be binding to the husband. A talaq, even if created by the wife, is, because of the delegate, actually an act of the husband. It is regarded as a talaq signed by the husband. It doesn’t require approval by a court of law. The authority granted to her is in and of itself sufficient. Time to stipulate: A clause that confers authority to spouses to use their rights of divorce could be made during or after marriage; if there is no clause in the contract, the power delegated to her may be used by the wife at the same time she is informed about the right. Types of tafweez: The ability to pronounce Talaq is conferred by three different forms of expression. Two of them are implied, and the third is one that is in an explicit form.

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