My dermatologist is available online, how good is that

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My experience with Telemedicine services at Novomed was extremely comfortable and convenient!

I have gotten lip filler injections at the hands of the best dermatologist in Abu Dhabi at Novomed. My follow-up appointment was scheduled two days after. However, I have a very busy schedule and tight working hours, so my dermatologist advised me to use the Novomed telemedicine platform to book an online doctor consultation whenever convenient for me.

True to their word, the telehealth technology at Novomed was one of its kind! I used the platform to book my appointment during my lunch break. A short while later, I was sent a booking confirmation email, along with a video link to start my consultation appointment.

All I had to do was sit in my office, where I had a quiet space around me, and set the internet connection so the doctor could hear and see me well. I took the time to thank the doctor for speaking with me online instead of in person and proceeded to describe my recovery process.

The doctor inquired about any bruising I experienced after the injections, discussed medication options, and addressed my results and the new volume of my lips. She told me to abstain from drinking alcohol for the next 24 hours, as alcohol thins the blood, which might increase lip bruising.

Additionally, the doctor advised me to avoid using drinking straws and smoking since puckering or squeezing my lips would disrupt the lip filler. My dermatologist also shared great suggestions for healthy skin care practices at home, including applying sunscreen every day and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated.

Throughout the entire online consultation, I did not worry about how I would get to the clinic or who would look after my children or pets while I was away. I was completely focused on listening to the doctor’s recommendation on recovery and maintaining my filler results.

I totally recommend Novomed’s telemedicine services to all my friends, family, and everyone who lives a busy life and needs urgent medical care. I found the entire process of using telehealth technology at Novomed very smooth. I will definitely refer to them for my future needs.

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