My son only eats junk food

Now a word about junk food

No matter how careful you are to serve nutritious meals or teach lessons about the harms of sugar, having your cupboards filled with chips and cookies probably won’t make your child a healthy eater, and neither will he. The rest of the family. It’s amazing how kids and adults can devour so many treats.

Take the story of one mother:

“My son hardly ate at mealtimes because he stuffed himself with chocolate chip cookies all day. I took him to an endocrinologist when he was about four years old because “He just wasn’t growing properly. The doctor looked at him and said, “I think this is the first middle-class kid I’ve ever seen malnourished. Make sure what you eat is healthy.

A toddler can only truly learn the value of healthy food when presented to them.

 For the sake of health, try to limit the amount of sugar, fat and salt in the home. That’s why you don’t want to spend half the day limiting the amount of junk food your child can eat. One parent said, “We felt like we were haggling all day and were like, ‘Okay, you can have one candy now, but you can have another candy until dinnertime. Now that we’ve changed what we buy, it doesn’t matter if our daughter eats four carrots and two yogurts!

Unfortunately, limiting junk food seems like an obsession for many families. Many parents seem to almost panic when their kids of cookies. All this excess tempts and obsesses a child with the forbidden fruit. First of all, don’t worry too much about what your toddler is eating. One or two cookies a day won’t ruin your kid. She would go ahead and serve him two cookies on a plate.

Starve to death

Parents can feel very anxious and guilty if their toddler is in the lowest percentile for weight gain. It can be hard to believe that your child didn’t starve to death while you were skin and bones.

First, of course, you should always discuss all of your medical concerns with your pediatrician. If your doctor tells you that your child is healthy, you do what seems to go against good parenting. Again, offer good, nutritious foods at meals and try to really ignore how much you’re eating. A mother from my parent group had an extremely thin three-year-old daughter. In fact, she was so thin that her pediatrician checked her regularly at the hospital. It was clear from day one that the mother, who was also very thin, was fully involved in every bite her daughter took.

The girl continued to struggle for food until her mother was calmed by divine intervention: a new baby. Not surprisingly, the girl began to eat alone. The mother also began interacting with him in a more positive way whileירושה rather than just focusing on him. The best way to get attention was to not eat. The girl is now more beautiful and happier.


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