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UPI transaction app
UPI transaction app
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The consumer these days is all about making digital payments and shopping online to get a UPI payment cashback offer. Everyone looks for a reliable UPI transaction app with multiple brands listed for customers to shop online. Other factors they consider are the user-friendliness of the app interface and the value of rewards or cashback they offer. There are many apps in the market offering similar features. However, one platform that got higher user attention is Fave Pay. 

The reason behind increasing popularity is that it offers assured cashback for every transaction. This amount can be anything, but surely, you will get a reward. So, if you also prefer making digital transactions, start using this app and make the most of the discounts it offers. Moreover, you can also double your rewards and ensure a promising amount on every transaction. All you need to do is strategize how you shop, direct your purchases in a certain way and save money. 

Tips to earn cashback and rewards through Myfave offers

Below are the tips to multiply the rewards and cashback you get through the Fave app. 

Get the Brand Discounts

The brands listed on the app often run discounts and app-specific deals for the users. You can avail of these deals by registering on the app and signing up for the offer notifications. Additionally, the app will also give cashback, multiplying the total reward. The best part about the app is that it will notify you every time there is an offer going on from the brand from which you want to shop. You only have to follow the alert and enjoy a significant reduction in your final invoice value. There are multiple brands from different business verticals listed on the app. You can filter them out based on your location and order from the place that offers the best discounts.

Assured Cashback

Another way the app benefits its users is its assured cashback policy. No matter how trivial your transaction is, you get some percentage of it back into your account. The offer stands valid for food orders, groceries, commodities, and everything you can shop on the app. The moment you complete your transaction, the reward points or the cashback will reflect in your account. It is up to you to use this amount on your next purchase or keep collecting it until it turns into a significant amount. 

Recurring Purchases

When you are a recurring customer, you go into the loyal customer category, and the rewards you get also multiply. It usually happens at a retail store, but this UPI transaction app is no different. If you keep making purchases from the app, your cashback rewards will keep multiplying, and you get to enjoy discounted shopping every time. The app feature of no expiration of the cashback points allows you to save your points and use them when you have to shop for something big! Do every transaction, however small from the app, and you will keep enjoying the cashback rewards. 

Pay through the app

The app gives UPI payment cashback offer on every transaction you make. Hence, you can also pay different merchants in a retail store through it. You don’t necessarily have to purchase from the app to get discounts. Even when you scan the partner brand’s QR code with the QR code scanner on the app, you get entitled to earn cashback rewards. Hence, you should prefer using the app for all your dining, grocery, pharmacy purchases from Fave Pay’s partner brands and multiply the reward points you earn through the app. 

Refer People

Another way to earn a significant discount is to use the referral link provided by the app to make more people register on it. You will have a unique link that you would have to share with people in your network. You get additional reward points when they register on the platform through your referral links. The more people you bring to the app, the better will be your referral reward.

With these simple tips, you can earn better cashback and rewards on your purchase. Download the app, and you will find almost all famous FMCG and lifestyle brands listed over it. Place your order from them, pay by scanning the code through the QR code scanner on the app, and instantly get your reward. Keep using this reward for more shopping, and the cycle will continue. So, download the app now and enjoy fruitfully discounted shopping every time.

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