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Watching naruto episodes can be fun but there is always a boring moment where you wonder what happens next or if the episode will end the same way as the previous episode. It becomes really boring especially when you get to see filler episodes which have nothing to do with the main storyline. In this post, have shared both the Naruto Shippuden filler list and the Naruto Shippuden canon episodes guide for you to like.

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The first Naruto filler episodes

The first Naruto filler episodes of naruto filler list are episodes twenty-two to forty-one. Most of these filler episodes revolve around the antics of Jirsein. They mostly focus on his crazy actions, quotes, quips and craziness which we all love to see in Naruto episodes. These fillers mostly deals with Naruto’s band of nine but with minor appearances of other main and minor characters like Shikamaru, Minochamen, Tazuna, Ichaimes, etc. travelworldinfo

The second episode

The second episode of Naruto was episode forty-one and it focuses on the battle between Team Seven and Gaara and also between Team Guy and Pain. This filler episode is interesting because it tackles different relationships like between and his new friend Kurenai. Also, the interesting relationship between and Asuma is also shown in this episode. The relationship between Naruto and Madara is also shown in this episode.

The next episode

The next episode is episode seventy and it deals with the four path of the Hokage-Kurenai. The first path is known as the Straight Path and the other two are called the Circumference and the Spiral. The first path is mostly Canon, what we have to skip is the parts that contradict the main event. The other two are mostly ambiguous and we will just say that they are part of the filler for more information to click here

The final episode of Naruto is episode seven and it is mostly filler as well. It is called the Chise’s Arc and it concerns the last encounter between Chise and Madara. In the previous episode, Madara tried to attack Chise but she was saved by and the two of them then went after Pain. They failed to take him down even after having many exchanges of blows. Afterwards, Chise went to a rest and was healed at the same time with the help of a Byakugan.

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Naruto’s career

The first filler list is about the start of Naruto’s career as the main character of this series. This is where Shippudden changed from a seven year old boy to a sixteen year old man. We saw that he got promoted to the third seat of the Konoha village council. There were rumors that he’ll be the next Hokage but since there will be a tournament at the village gate soon, that won’t happen for now. They didn’t attend the exams for this position because he didn’t think that he’s capable of winning. He also wanted to go to the village to see Jiji again so he could ask for his help in solving the missing time episodes. marketoinsight

Lost Tower

The second filler episode is named the Lost Tower Arc. It’s where and Madara went to look for the tenth Hokage and saw a mysterious person being attacked by a group of ninjas. Later on, they found out that this person was actually Madara Uchiha. Naruto went after Madara but failed and in the process, he got captured by Madara and he was later released by a scroll.

Fight scenes

So we have seen that Naruto filler episodes end with exciting and intense fight scenes. They also include some very powerful and unique jutsu by the author, Tsunade. I’m sure many readers will appreciate the different techniques the author created for these sequences. I’ll be updating this list with the latest releases of naruto shippuden filler list and the other anime/manga series I’m reading right now.

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