Necessity of Sound Sleep and Meditation in Student Life

These days the hectic way of studying and learning by keeping their health on stake is very dangerous for their health and is taking grave tolls from in the name of mental and physical health. Students usually are ignoring their mental and physical health and are suffering from various issues which are actually degrading their academic performance unfortunately, for which they are doing so much. But there are so many remedies and ways to escape from such situations and the two best methods like these are taking good and sound sleep and doing meditation. Even the learning management system supports the concept that students should not ignore their health in order to perform in academics. In order to perform best students can never escape from breaking codes of healthy life but they can maintain that carelessness which they often do while dedicating themselves so deeply to their studies. A sound sleep and meditation work a lot in maintaining balance of mental and physical health in student life, let’s understand it in detail. Due to lack of sleep students start to forget easy terms which they have learnt in the class like ERP full form

Most of the students think that night time is the best time to study and learn. Therefore, they often procrastinate their sleeping schedules at night and study at night. Everything is scheduled at a time due to a certain reason and when students or any adult disturbs that schedule then it harms his physical and mental health. Though scientists are still conducting experiments to understand the reason for sleeping, a common perception is that we sleep to give comfort to our mind and body. We sleep to recharge our exhausted body and mind which gets tired after whole day work and activities. Lack of proper sleep pushes the individual into well of diseases and physical and mental problems. To have a proper sleep students and people should follow sleep hygiene. Sleep hygiene means all those environmental and behavioural factors which affect our ability to fall asleep and get a good sleep.

Tips for sleep hygiene:

  • One should avoid over-eating and heavy dinner before sleep because this can create indigestion which can cause problems in sleeping or sometimes it causes over belching, gas problems and vomiting too. 
  • One should avoid taking any alcoholic things before sleeping, this can cause serious problems while sleeping. Firstly, one has no consciousness while sleeping and if any medical issue happens then a person can die in sleep and no one will know about what happened.
  • One should sleep in a comfortable, cool, dark and quiet environment so that as soon as one lies on the bed, one should get to sleep at that very moment.
  • As told in the above statement one should sleep in a cool environment with a fan rotating at a light speed and as many physicians have suggested one should wear either very light weighted clothes or if possible, should sleep without clothes so that every body part can get oxygen and get cool also.
  • Students usually ignore the time fixed for sleep in their time table which is wrong completely, they should follow a routine and should grab out enough time for sleep. They should fix their time for sleeping and waking up and should follow this routine very consistently. They should regularly get 6-8 hours sound sleep. It is very usual that people feel tired during the day even without any work, that means they have not taken enough sleep.

Students who practice meditation regularly stay away from all the mental and physical harms due to their hectic lifestyle. Learning management system provides proper rest to students in school time also to keep their mental status relaxed and stress free.  Meditation provides 360-degree benefits to the students and provides the most important basic benefit which is concentration. Let’s understand some other essential benefits of meditation for the students:

  • Continuous practice of meditation produces a positive effect on the mind of the students and gives them power to think critically and with complete mindfulness. Due to regular practice of mediation students achieve a great level of sense of humour and behavioural manners that they achieve social respects also. 
  • Meditation gives the mind the power of focus. Students always have to focus on their studies and without focus almost every student is not able to learn or continue their studies. Meditation reduces stress, mental pressure and anxiety due to which the mind gets relief and relaxes. This relief to the mind activates those parts of the brain which stimulate language-based skills and multitasking skills too like students who do meditation. They remember big data to small information also like ERP full form.
  • Such students who practice meditation regularly have a cheerful personality and wherever they stand in the college, school or society they have an aura of smile and happiness which they spread around them and keep the atmosphere around them jolly.
  • Meditation clears the mind of the students and helps them clear the mind and confuses the mind which makes them take proper decisions. 

Layla Bella

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