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NetbaseQuid delivers AI-powered consumer and market intelligence for the global fintech market. The NetbaseQuid platform combines a wealth of competitive intelligence and proprietary sourcing data with cutting-edge text analysis technologies from AIQ. It enables clients to identify competitive threats, prioritize opportunities, and make decisive actions within weeks instead of months or years. NetbaseQuid can source insights across all sectors – including finance, blockchain, AI, machine learning, and cybersecurity – while bringing raw data together into a powerful report format accessible to CEO’s down the line.

1. Services Offered on Image Analysis Technology

NetbaseQuid offers complete image analysis services in Kaggle format, including dataset creation and image tagging to support the entire machine learning lifecycle. Kaggle is a platform for data science tournaments, allowing data scientists to explore, analyze, and visualize datasets through shared notebooks and challenges. Kaggle makes it easy for corporates and startups to manufacture, document, deploy, and optimize their models. Firms from Uber to Google use Kaggle as a platform for learning how to make better AI models. 

2. NetBase’s AI-Powered Image Analytics

Netbase’s AI-Powered Image Analytics analyzes image data using global image analysis, tagging, and text analysis to generate actionable insights. Images are analyzed using AI algorithms, identifying objects such as pictures of faces and people in a photo and license plates associated with vehicles or items. Netbase also applies machine learning techniques to extract finely-tuned business insights from vast amounts of unstructured text that are then used to establish connections between data sets. NetbaseQuid’s track record of success with large-scale enterprises was recognized by Cisco, who acquired Netbase in March 2018.

3. Ways Image Recognition and Analysis Help Your Brand

I. Validates extremes of sentiment

NetbaseQuid’s AI technology can help detect neutral, negative, and positive sentiment extremes. It can identify variations in sentiment from one area to another or within a particular program. These tags let brands know if a program is getting the reception they anticipated and by what magnitude. Netbase Quid’s analysis system can facilitate the tagging process.

II. Clues you into content preferences

NetbaseQuid’s AI technology can monitor content consumption in real-time to generate actionable insights. The image analyse system can track brand content consumption, enabling them to understand what their customers are reading, whether online or offline or via social media. NetbaseQuid can provide turnkey solutions to data-driven businesses and help them solve critical business challenges in a scalable, self-service environment.

III. Reveals consumer behavioral triggers

NetbaseQuid’s image analysis system can detect patterns, such as people taking photos in areas where they may not usually be to see what they are doing. The system can also trace individual behaviors and retail purchases by extracting the tags from images. These tags can then be correlated to other data sets to identify new behavior triggers and how they affect marketing decisions.

IV .Leads you to new influencers

NetbaseQuid’s AI technology can help brands track the behavior of influencers and establish how they are spreading their message. NetbaseQuid provides a solution that is an ideal method for identifying influencers in real time and automating the process with the algorithms.

V. Confirms consumer sentiment about your brand

NetbaseQuid’s image analysis system can help a brand track and identify any variations in sentiment about its products and the additional services offered by competitors. NetbaseQuid can help brands understand how their competitors may be impacting their brand and assess how to respond, whether a product or service is being compared or simply the competition as a whole.

VI. Secures brand health

NetbaseQuid’s image analysis system can help a brand identify any negative or positive actions that may be taking place within its program. They can then proactively identify the areas where they should strengthen their business practices and ensure that their brand’s image is intact.

The bottom line is that AI and Machine Learning are becoming a big part of our day-to-day lives. Businesses use AI and Machine Learning at every step of their process, from identifying and reaching out to customers to manufacturing, delivery, and customer service. Artificial Intelligence has the potential to change our world. It is transforming today’s products, services, experiences, and businesses and is also expected to revolutionize virtually everything we know.

Amelia Noah

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