New Dutch Bros CTO Talks company boom

Dutch Bros
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On Dec. 1, Leigh Gower became Dutch Bros espresso’s first chief technology officer. The statement came less than three months after the employer launched an IPO at the big apple inventory alternate.

Because the Dutch Bros expands to new markets, Gower says her position at the agency is to apply generation in a manner that complements the user and employee experience and supplies the identical employer lifestyle irrespective of where the Dutch Bros expands.

Right earlier than entering her role at Dutch Bros, Gower did a 13-month stint as generation vice chairman at the Blue Nile online rings store. Previously, Gower served as senior director of product & generation at T-mobile and as a control representative at Slalom Consulting.

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Your position was created quickly after Dutch Bros launched its IPO. As Dutch Bros’ first CTO, what will be your position as the company expands?

You couldn’t cross public as an enterprise unless the era is in the middle of what you’re doing.

As we expect our growth going forward, generation wishes to play a bigger position to ensure stories are frictionless and verbal exchange is seamless. What I am chartered with is protective and maintaining our lifestyle as we get larger and grow our technology surroundings around our employees.

A cornerstone of our lifestyle is that we love to have amusement. When you come to a shop, there’s track playing, and the baristas sincerely arise to you, communicate to you, and ask you approximately your day. What we’ve found is that the motive a whole lot of human beings come to return to Dutch Bros is because of the possibility to have interaction with our baristas.

What role does generation play?

It’s my task to empower our crew members to do what they do best. There’s the era in the shop that we will make more green and automate inside that tiny space so our group participants can spend extra time focusing on the purchaser.

There’s a different era in HR that employees use to control their benefits and business enterprise records. These things may be made to have less friction for the stop-user.

In case you’ve ever been an Apple customer, they’re superb on the interface and the way to use apps, so you can do something you want. They nail the simplistic cease-user enjoy. You switch from that to Android or home windows, and you battle. Read more about then trendy visit

We need to leverage the era whenever viable but do so in a way that it’s in no way arduous for our end-user.

How have Dutch Bros grown technologically at some stage in the pandemic, and wherein do you notice the business enterprise innovating?

The Dutch Bros app is an amazing example of how we’ve grown as a business enterprise during the pandemic. We went from having a punch card to a digital solution.

There’s a laundry listing of innovations we’re hoping to do with the app to enhance the richness of the user revel. There is a lot in the works and quite a few plans. After we’ve examined it to see what works, we’ll roll it out.

The last years have shown companies have to address the growing danger, occurrence, and sophistication of cyber attacks and cybercrime.

 How can Dutch Bros shield its customer and employee information in opposition to hackers?

It’s each reading the horrific actors to peer what they are doing so you can stay a step ahead of them and make sure you usually have accurate defenses and parameters. At the same time, we should ensure we aren’t doing that in a way that interferes with the patron revel in.

On every occasion there’s a prime incident, corporations usually search for what happened behind the scenes. Wherein becomes the door open that permits the bad actor in? We research from each incident; however, we ought to innovate and assume at the same time. And the meaning we ought to usually be checking out ourselves to look where our vulnerabilities are.

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