New Dutch Bros CTO Talks Company Growth

Dutch Bros CTO
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New Dutch Bros CTO Talks Company Growth. On December. 1 Leigh Gower became Dutch Bros Coffee’s first chief technology. The announcement was just three months after Dutch Bros Coffee announced the company’s IPO that was listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

As Dutch Bros expands to new markets, Gower says her role in the company is to make use of technology in a manner that improves the user experience as well as the employee experience. She also wants to provide the same corporate culture regardless of what location they go to. Dutch Bros expands.

Before she entered into her new role as a vice president at Dutch Bros, Gower did 13 months as the technology vice president for online jeweller the Blue Nile. In the past, Gower served as senior director of product and technology at T-Mobile and also as a management consultant for Slalom Consulting.

Gower talked to Oregon Business about her new position, the way technology integrates into the company’s plans for expansion as well as how Dutch Bros can protect its employees’ and customers’ data from cybercrime.

Is There a Dutch Bros Straw Code?

There are whispers of the existence of a Dutch Bros Straw Code. The company has yet to identify it, but some have said it is out there. You have likely seen coloured straws when enjoying coffee in a cafe and then thought about the function of the straw. Below are some thoughts and more information on the straw code. Here are some of the most popular reasons why people should purchase straws that are white or coloured. Find out more about them here!

You may be wondering how you can learn about The Dutch Bros Straw Code. It’s a technique used by employees to reveal to the customers the secrets they have discovered. The straws come in different colours, and each colour has an individual significance. The majority of the time they will offer straws that are pink and yellow however, you can also find them in different shades. But, even though they’re not secret, some believe that it’s a defiant method of interacting with customers. It’s not possible to publicly trade as a business without technology at the heart of your business.

As we look to expand in the future, technology has to play a larger role to ensure that our experiences are smooth and communication seamless. The mission I have been assigned is safeguarding and preserving Our culture while we grow larger and expand the technology ecosystem we have around our employees.

One of the main tenets of our society is that we want to be entertained. When you go to an establishment, there’s music on and our baristas will come close to you, talk to you, and inquire you questions about your day. We’ve discovered that the main reason why a large number of customers come returning for more visits to Dutch Bros is because of having the chance to talk to our baristas.

What do you think technology can contribute to?

It’s my job to help the team to perform what they are best at. There’s technology in our shop that can be made more efficient and more automated in the small space so that the team members can concentrate more on their customers.

In HR, there’s also technology that employees can use to control their health benefits as well as their company’s information. These things can be altered to create less stress for the end-user.

If you’ve been an Apple customer, you’ll know they’re excellent at navigating the interface and the best way to utilize apps so that you can accomplish whatever you wish to accomplish. They have mastered the simple user experience.

We’re keen to use technology as often as we can however, do it in a manner that is never a hassle for our users.

What did Dutch Bros grow technologically during the epidemic, and in what areas are you seeing the business taking its next steps?

Dutch Bros CTO app is an excellent example of how we’ve evolved as a company throughout the epidemic. We moved from using a card for punching to a digital one.

There’s an endless list of things we’re planning to implement with the app to enhance the quality of user experience. Plenty is being developed and lots of ideas. Once we’ve tried it out to determine what’s working and what doesn’t, we’ll roll it out.

How do Dutch Bros defend its customer and employee information from hackers?

It’s about analyzing the perpetrators of fraud to determine what they’re doing so you’re able to stay ahead of them. We need to ensure that we don’t do it in a way that disrupts the user experience.

Each time there’s a major incident, businesses are constantly investigating what’s going on at the back of the scene. Was the door closed that allowed the bad actor into the company? Every incident is a learning experience however, in the same way, we need to be creative and anticipatory. This means that we need to be constantly looking for where our weaknesses are. There are experts within our department who are always investigating ways in which criminals can get access to the internet ports or elsewhere.

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