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Dutch Bros

On Dec. 1, Leigh Gower became Dutch Bros espresso’s first leader-era officer. The statement came much less than 3 months after the employer launched an IPO at the new york inventory exchange.

As the Dutch Bros expands to new markets, Gower says her role at the corporation is to apply technology in a way that complements the consumer and employee experience and deliver the identical employer culture no matter in which the Dutch Bros expands.

Right before moving into her position at Dutch Bros, Gower did a thirteen-month stint as era vice president at online rings retailer the Blue Nile. Before that, Gower served as senior director of product & generation at T-cellular, and as a management consultant at Slalom Consulting.

Gower spoke with Oregon commercial enterprise about her new position, how tech fits into the employer’s plans for growth — and the way Dutch Bros can defend its customer and employee records against cybercrime.

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Your position became created rapidly after Dutch Bros released its IPO. As Dutch Bros’ first CTO, what’s going to be your function as the enterprise expands?

You may pass public as a business enterprise unless the technology is at the core of what you’re doing.

As we expect our growth going forward, technology wishes to play a larger role to make certain reports are frictionless and verbal exchange is seamless. What I’m chartered with is shielding and retaining our subculture as we get bigger, and developing our generation environment around our employees.

A cornerstone of our culture is that we like to laugh. Whilst you come to a shop there’s music gambling and the baristas certainly arise to you, communicate to you, and ask you about your day. What we’ve found is that the motive several humans come lower back to Dutch Bros is due to the possibility to interact with our baristas.

What position does technology play?

It’s my task to empower our group members to do what they do nicely. There may be technology in the store that we can make extra efficient and automate within that tiny space so our team participants can spend extra time focusing on the patron.

There’s an additional era in HR that employees use to control their benefits and their employer facts. All of this stuff can be made to have less friction for the cease-user.

If you’ve ever been an Apple consumer, they may be very good on the interface and the way to use apps so that you can do anything it is you want to do. They certainly nail the simplistic give-up-person enjoy. You turn from that to Android or home windows and you struggle.

We need to leverage generation on every occasion viable, however, accomplish that in a manner that it’s never hard for our give up-consumer.

How have Dutch Bros grown technologically for the duration of the pandemic, and wherein do you see the organization innovating?

The Dutch Bros app is an extraordinary instance of the ways we’ve grown as an enterprise in the course of the pandemic. We went from having a punch card to a digital answer.

There’s a laundry list of improvements we’re hoping to do with the app to improve the richness of the consumer’s enjoyment. There is a lot in the works and several plans. After we’ve tested it to see what works, then we’ll roll it out.

The last years have shown groups need to deal with the growing risk, prevalence, and sophistication of cyberattacks and cybercrime. How can Dutch Bros guard its client and employee facts against hackers?

It’s both studying the terrible actors to see what they may be doing so you can stay a step beforehand of them and making sure you always have suitable defenses and parameters. At the same time, we need to ensure we aren’t doing that in a way that interferes with the patron experience.

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