New Nikah Law in Pakistan For Couple

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New Nikah Law in Pakistan:

If you wish to know the new nikah law in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. The wife is obligated to be with the husband wherever he decides to reside. The courts can, for reasons of justification, release the wife from this duty in the event that the husband relocates his residence to the oceans or relocates to a different country after nikah law in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore.

Case of Husband:

In the case of the husband, he is the administrator over the assets of the marriage partnership, unless otherwise stated. The wife retains possession of the property, which is comprised of any property she brings to the marriage ceremony and is not part of the dowry. A husband acts as the husband’s representative. The husband can’t, without his consent, wear an action in person or by an attorney. But, she does not need this authorization for her to assert herself as a defendant in a civil suit or to proceed against or defend herself in lawsuits with her husband.

Sell Their Property:

She cannot not, without the approval from her spouse as per nikah law in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore, purchase property for any good or worthwhile consideration, sell their property or make herself liable with respect to the property, except in specific situations and within restrictions imposed by the law. A wife can, without the husband’s consent: 1. Make the will. 2. Utilize the rights and fulfill the obligations that are owed her to legitimate and recognized natural children she might have had through another and in relation to the property belonging to the same.

Law Firm in Lahore:

The husband as per nikah law in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore only and the heirs of his are able to make sure that the deeds are performed by his wife with no authorization. Divorce.–divorce is the only way to end the continuation of the common life of spouses. It doesn’t dissolve the marriage. The legal grounds to divorce can be summed up as follows: 1. Sexual adultery is committed by the wife in any case as well as on the husband’s part in the event that public disgrace or scandal of the wife results from it. 2. Inflicting personal violence, which is not a crime or serious insults. 3. Violence a husband uses towards his wife to make her alter her religious beliefs. 4. The husband’s suggestion of prostituting the wife. 5. The efforts of the spouse or husband to deceive their sons or to prostitute their daughters and to assist to their corruption or prostitution. 6. The sentence of spouses to the penal system or nikah law in Pakistan through law firm in Lahore.

 Effects of Divorce:

 1. The divorce of spouses in all cases. [Pg 235]2. Protecting the spouse. 3. The placement of children in the supervision of either or both spouses, as is appropriate. 4. The provisions for the care of the wife as well as the children who are not under the supervision of their father. 5. The adoption of necessary steps to stop spouses, such as husbands who might have triggered divorce, from causing injury to her in the management of the property.

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