New Zealand Visa For Spanish Citizens and New Zealand Visa For SW

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This article discusses the agreements between New Zealand and Spain, as well as Sweden, which allow Spanish citizens and Swedish citizens to apply for New Zealand visas. This is a great opportunity for those seeking to move and live in New Zealand!

When Can a Spanish Citizen Apply for a New Zealand Visa?

If you are a Spanish citizen and want to come to New Zealand, you will need to apply for a visa. The process of obtaining a visa can vary depending on your nationality, but most Spanish citizens will need to apply through the New Zealand Embassy in their home country. Contact the embassy for more information on the specific requirements for your case. You should also check with Immigration NZ, as they may have additional information or advice. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR SPANISH CITIZENS

When Can a Swedish Citizen Apply for a New Zealand Visa?

Swedes may apply for a New Zealand visa if they:

– Are citizens of Sweden

– Have a valid passport

– Are not in any way prohibited from entering New Zealand

– Cease to be residents of Sweden immediately upon arrival in New Zealand.

What are the Costs Associated with New Zealand Visas?

The cost of a New Zealand visa depends on the type of visa you are applying for. For Australian citizens, the cost is AUD130 (NZ$175). The cost for Canadian citizens is CAD200 (NZ$290). UK citizens pay GBP60 (NZ$87) and US citizens pay USD140 (NZ$217). The application fee is NZD30 (AUD10, CAD11, GBP12, EUR13, USD16) for Australians, NZD60 (AUD19, CAD25, GBP29, EUR33, USD25) for Canadians and NZD120 (AUD36, CAD43, GBP49, EUR54) for British and US nationals. You will also need to provide evidence of your income and accommodation in New Zealand.

There are no additional costs associated with either a New Zealand student or work visa. NEW ZEALAND VISA FOR SWEDISH CITIZENS


If you are a Spanish citizen and would like to travel to New Zealand, or if you are a New Zealander who wants to travel to Spain, then I have some good news for you! As of September 1st, 2018, both countries have updated their visa requirements in order to make traveling between the two much easier.

Currently, citizens of Spain need only a valid passport and no visa is required for entries into New Zealand (if travelling solely for tourism). For those Spanish nationals travelling with a residence permit or work authorization in New Zealand, the visa-free stay will be valid for up to three months from the date of entry. However, should you decide later on that you would like to stay longer in New Zealand – whether it’s for business purposes or pleasure – then simply apply for an Extended Stay Visa.

New Zealand citizens visiting Spain do not require a tourist visa but must hold either a valid passport or an Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) issued by your home country. If travelling with children under 18 years old holding an Australian passport they will need proof of citizenship and vaccination against yellow fever. Citizens of other countries may also require additional documentation depending on their nationality.

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