Nike Dunks – Fit Guide: How To Choose The Right Size

Nike Dunks - Fit Guide: How To Choose The Right Size

What is Nike Dunks? To put it simply, Nike Dunks are sneakers with a unique look and feel. The Nike Dunk was created in 1995 and has remained popular ever since because of its unique quality as both an athletic shoe and streetwear. To fit properly, you should choose your shoes based on the width of your foot and the height of your ankle bone rather than the length of your foot. If you have extremely wide feet or an extremely high ankle bone, it can be difficult to find shoes that fit you comfortably without compromising on style.

What are Nike dunks?

Nike Dunks are a popular shoe, created by Nike, that is designed for basketball players. They have a thick sole that is designed for cushioning and protecting your feet. The shoe is made up of two layers of rubber and a leather upper. Nike dunks are available in many different styles, colours, and shapes.

What are their sizes?

Nike dunks come in a variety of sizes. The kid’s size range is from US Toddler 1 (1.5) up to US Kid’s 10 (10.5). The women’s size range is US Women 6-12 (6,6.5,7,8,9,10). The men’s size range is US Men 6-14 (6.5,7,8,9).

What’s your foot length?

If you’re not quite sure of your foot length, measure from heel to toe and add a half inch. If you’re in between two sizes, it’s always best to go up in size. The shoes will stretch out with wear so don’t worry about getting the wrong size. Our team is here for you if you have any questions about sizing!

What’s your shoe size?

1. Take your foot measurement using a hard ruler or measuring tape and write it down. 2. If you are buying a Nike Dunk SB, take your regular shoe size and refer to our sizing chart for confirmation. 3. If you are buying a Nike Dunk High, take two sizes up from your normal shoe size in order to accommodate for additional room in the front of the shoe. 4. If you are buying a Nike Dunk Low, take one size up from your normal shoe size in order to accommodate for additional room in the front of the shoe.

Additional Factors To Consider

1) What is your foot size?

2) What is your shoe size? 2a) what is your actual foot length?

3) What are you looking for in a shoe, are you looking for anything special?

4) Do you have any previous injuries or conditions that need extra attention?

5) Do you have any special needs that require additional support, such as diabetes or a back condition?

6) Are you right- or left-footed and do you know which foot has more mobility issues, if there are any?

7) Do you wear ankle bracelets on either foot, if so how tight do they need to be (if at all)?

Understanding The Fit Chart

To start, take your foot and measure it from heel to toe. You will want your toes to be able to curl without touching the front of your shoe. If you are in between sizes, go for the larger size as this will give you a little more room and give that room for your feet to grow over time. Lastly, make sure that you have enough room in front of your toes so they do not touch the shoe while in a standing position. Once these factors have been taken into consideration, choose the perfect fit!


Nike dunks come in a wide range of sizes, but most people wear either a men’s shoe or a women’s shoe. The only difference is the width of the shoe and the size of the toe box.

– Men’s Nike dunks typically have a wider width and smaller toe box. Women’s Nike Dunks are narrower and have a slightly larger toe box.

– Nike dunks run true to size, so if you usually wear a size 8 in women’s shoes, you will also wear an 8 in men’s shoes; however, if your feet are more wide or narrow, this may not be accurate for you.

– When choosing your size, take into account your foot shape as well as your activity level.

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