Of innovation and excessive innovation – what happens if it crosses the line?

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Without any doubt, innovation is as wonderful as anything nice. In coding, programming, software development, app development, digital product design and development, and in overall technology; innovation is key to the industry thriving as a whole.

However, there is a problem hardly any technology professional ever thought of discussing. One of the main reasons why innovation can be dangerous is companies crossing the limits in terms of innovation by either going way too innovative or adding ideas which aren’t innovative in the long run.

Let’s think about it: a feature which is years ahead and touted as the next big thing might backfire. Planned obsolescence for once, which created disposable batteries, led to fixed batteries, which forces users to dispose of smartphones. Now the European Union wants replaceable batteries back in the phones at all costs.

Innovation can sadly be disguised and may lack proper focus

Innovation can be disguised impeccably and tech companies are to blame for it. Developers are often deceived as they think they can  do a lot with minimal effort. At times, when they create features and functions, they are under the guise that they are making top of the line things. However, after some time they realize that they weren’t right.

There are quite some instances where innovative ideas are often focusing on two things, the backend aspect and the development aspect. Most prospective app owners come in with their own ideas which may or may not be logical 

At times, developers focus a lot on the aesthetics and interface. However, they forget the functions and the overall user experience. 

Innovation in the eyes of app development companies

Ask any mobile app development company about innovation. They’ll probably tell people about the wide array of features and technologies that help take an app to the next level. However, most of these concepts are theoretical. Practical concepts and examples are somehow present. Uber is no doubt one of a kind.

Innovation may also consist of novelty apps which bring something unique to users. However there are instances where developers and coders alike spun the code just to see what happens. Some got lucky while some got into trouble.

Where can innovation backfire?

The operating mechanism of smartphones is based on touch. Hence interfaces are touch heavy, and design patterns emerged near menus and layouts. Icons were once dynamic, and then became rigid. They are now a hybrid of both.

Spinning on features is now considered against the law of app development. To add new features, taking inspiration from existing codes is much better than spinning. Codes can get tested and features can be tested too before quality assurance brings out the bugs. Code spinning ruined the essence of innovation.

Should innovative ideas be tested?

All innovative ideas need testing, and assurance. Testers need to make sure everything is done neatly. If in case there is a serious flaw or bug, then they should report, fix and retest that feature or set of features. 

Imagination or knowledge – which one is more important?

Albert Einstein once stated that imagination is more important than knowledge. Imagination, if it goes along with knowledge, produces innovative ideas that are not only out of the box but also out of this universe.

What happens if ideas are overdone?

Overdoing innovative ideas is the recipe for failure. That is the reason why innovation should not exceed. Excessive innovation is an idea killer. It kills efforts as well, and hence discourages developers from taking new steps forward.

How can app developers prevent innovation from failing?

Albert Einstein stressed on the importance of imagination being more important than knowledge. Numerous biases in the arena of app and software development are present which hence add more fuel to the mobile app world rivalries and competition. Yet again, experts have decided to share with us handy tips to prevent innovation from crossing the line:

  • Users like simplicity in apps.,
  •  Ease of use and user friendly features are enjoyable.
  • No need to spend time fixing a broken app.
  • Research goes hand in hand with rest. Developers need to relax so their stress is relieved.
  • No need to over do anything.

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