Old-Fashioned But Still in Fashion – Charivari for Lederhosen & Dirndl


Nothing is more charming when it comes to the Bavarian costume than the traditional Charivari. Still today, the Charivari is a means of contact for the local people of the traditional lederhosen costumes and can be seen almost everywhere during the carnival season. The greatest parts of the tradition are seen in southern Germany, from Swabia to Franconia, often even in Austria and Switzerland. But there are also some aspects which have been lost over time, thus making it rather difficult for a lot of people to wear these outfits.

A lot of German words sound very similar, but they actually have different meanings when translated. It’s not uncommon to show up at the Oktoberfest wearing a traditional costume, only to be told that you need a “charivari” instead. Make sure you know what it means before you sport the traditional garb anywhere during the festival. 

Charivari – An Accessory to Remember 

Today we can see charivari at Oktoberfest. Some men make their lederhosen look even more stylish by wearing this accessory. Charivaris are small amulets that hunters once displayed to show off their successful hunts. The pendants were also status symbols for wealthy farmers and landowners.

The charivari was a popular decorative element in the Nineteenth Century. It was a chain worn around the waist. People would hang all sorts of things from them, from lucky charms to heirlooms passed down from generation to generation. They were even used as a way of expressing affection when a man gave his sweetheart one of these fancy chains.

Size of Charivari is an Important Factor 

On average, a man’s charivari is 33 centimeters long. Most charivaris are made of gold and silver, with sterling silver being the most popular choice among contemporary wearers.

To this day, small parts of animals killed in a hunt are worked into charivaris. Parts of antlers and the claws of birds of prey enjoy great popularity, as do fangs. The most popular charivari are those with lots of horns and teeth.

Charivari for Women – A Bracelet to Pair with Dirndl 

Traditional clothing worn at Oktoberfest nowadays includes the “charivari,” which is most commonly worn by men. The female version of this Bavarian folk dress is more delicate than the male version and is decorated with small charms, silver talismans, and comes in the form of a “dirndl”.

A traditional Southern German charm bracelet, called a charivari, is often worn on the bodice of the dirndl or on an apron’s waistband. It appears that the order of the charms is random at first glance.

But that’s not right. Each charm has a story and a place of its own. The charms aren’t randomly arranged; they’re arranged according to their meaning and purpose.

Charivaris To Pair With Lederhosen 

While men don’t have many chances to wear a charivari outside of folk festivals and Oktoberfest, women have embraced this tradition. The charivari is now an acceptable everyday item.

Bavarian fashionistas are wearing their charivaris not only to team with their dirndls but also to add elegance to their Lederhosen costume. They happily wear jeans and a shirt or blouse with their traditional cardigans, Tyrolean jackets, and of course charivaris!

Now let us have a look at the other Bavarian Oktoberfest costume accessories. 

Other Oktoberfest Costume Accessories  

  • Traditional bavarian shirt  When you shop for Lederhosen, be sure to pick a traditional Bavarian shirt made of cotton. These shirts are the perfect finishing touch for your Lederhosen ensemble.

Although white Bavarian shirts are the most common during Oktoberfest, it is acceptable to wear any color or checkered shirt with lederhosen as well. However, the most common checkered shirts include green, blue, and red.

If you are looking for a shirt for Oktoberfest, then Lederhosen Store has a wide selection of Bavarian shirts in checkered patterns full of bright colors that add an exciting touch to your Lederhosen outfit.

  • Lederhosen Socks 

If you’re going for a pair of Lederhosen shoes, then you might as well opt for a pair of traditional Lederhosen socks. These socks are available at Lederhosen Store in both men’s and women’s versions. Also there, you can get many accessories from their Lederhosen sale 2022 going on!

Oktoberfest long socks are traditionally worn with Lederhosen, though the short ones are worn with Bundhosen.

  • Lederhosen Shoes 

Although they may not be the most noticeable part of the German Lederhosen, the shoes are an integral part of the costume. 

In the 19th century, affluent Bavarians created a peasant garment called Lederhosen by replacing the traditional woolen fabric with leather, adding decorative embroidery to it, and wearing dainty leather shoes to go with it.

If you’re dressing up in traditional Bavarian Trachten, you should also wear a pair of Lederhosen shoes. These shoes are made from suede leather and are most commonly worn in dark brown or light brown colors.

Apart from all accessories, charivari is a German experience you should try to get when you go to Germany. It’s a parade of people wearing traditional clothing, either Lederhosen or Dirndl.

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