Olight Warrior 3S Rechargeable LED Tactical Flashlight

Olight Warrior 3S cool white LED, paired with the TIR optic lens, delivers up to 2,300 lumen of output, reaching far into the darkness illuminating any atmosphere. It provides up to 55 days of runtime making this the best tactical light for camping, hiking, law enforcement and self-defense. Four-level battery and brightness indicators around the side switch, giving real-time reminders with a glance. Built-in proximity sensor that drops the brightness level, save against any nearby objectives while turned on turbo, high or strobe mode. Smoother strike bezel and 2 way pocket clip makes pocket carrying a breeze.

Features of Olight warrior 3S flashlight

High light output

The most vital feature of a tactical flashlight is strong brightness. Tactical lights are designed for law enforcement. So, they must be bright enough to dazzle a potential attacker in order to protect themselves. Their brightness can reach up to 2,300 lumens.

Simple operation

A tactical flashlight must be simply found and deployable by the user in high stress conditions or in the dark for the quickest possible response.

Long battery life

Tactical flashlights are designed to be used by law enforcement, so they must have a strong and long battery life so they don’t go out in the middle of an operation. They have a battery life signal to anticipate the recharging of the battery and they are recharging, most by MCC3 USB Magnetic Charging Cable to be recharged anywhere.


Tactical flashlights need to be rugged. As mentioned many times before, tactical flashlights are designed for professional use and therefore must be capable to withstand the harsh situations in the field. Olight warrior 3S rechargeable flashlights can withstand shock and weather with their impact-resistant aluminum alloy body.

How to use a tactical flashlight for self defense

Now that you are familiar with the characteristics of a tactical flashlight, it is time to learn how to use it in a self-defense condition. You might be thinking at this point that the tactical flashlight would not provide protection to other tactical tools like the tactical pen or the kubotan, anyway, the tactical flashlight has more to it than meets the eye.

There are many ways you can use a tactical flashlight for self-defense. There are:

Using your tactical flashlight as a binding tool

When it comes to defending yourself, one of the strongest tools at your disposal is the element of surprise. If you are alert that there is an attacker nearby and approaching you, you can respond preemptively by shining your tactical flashlight straight into his eyes.

Now, this is where the extra power of your tactical flashlight comes in that way. While a typical flashlight will be capable of stunning them for a little white, the intense light output of a tactical flashlight will be much more successful at blinding and disorienting your attacker. This will provide you more time to either run away or call for help or injure them further.

One thing to note is that I don’t advise trying to fight your attacker further if you are already stunned and you have a chance to get away. This is mainly true if you don’t have prior experience in hand-to-hand combat. The key goal of self-defense is to decrease the amount of harm that comes to you. With this in mind, it is almost forever the excellent option to run away and get to safety as immediately as possible.

Using your tactical flashlight as a deterrent

It is quite well-established at this point that violent crime like robberies and assault on individuals happen most often at night in areas that are not extremely well lit, having weapons on you will permit you to defend yourself from these attacks. But having a Warrior 3S tactical flashlight will actually take your protection a step further by stopping these attacks from happening at all.

Using your tactical flashlight as a weapon

If escaping your attacker is not the best option, you still have one way to save yourself with your tactical flashlight, and this is by using it as an improvised weapon. Like the previous self-defense method, having a tactical flashlight is vital here because a regular flashlight would not do enough problems to your attacker to let you get away from the condition.

Budget for a tactical flashlight

When it comes to getting the best standard tactical flashlight, there is quite a big range to fit just about any budget. If you want to get the best flashlight with remarkable features and durability, it might cost you somewhere between $40 to $270. Also, look for brands like Olight that provide you a warranty. When investing in quality flashlight, buy from honest, known, and reputable brands that will be around you that need to use your warranty.

Anyway, there are many budget tactical flashlights that come at a much affordable price. But don’t be dismayed as you can still find a flashlight that is almost as best as an expensive one.

Tactical considerations

Other vital tactical considerations when you are searching for the best flashlight include:

Weight: The lighter, the better. One of the lightest tactical flashlights accessible is the Warrior 3S.

Finish: Black finish is more tactical for nighttime functions, but others can serve you just as well.

Weather resistance: Find a flashlight that saves itself from rain and inclement weather.

Lens materials: TIR optic lens are lighter and more versatile, but ensure you go for those that are scratch-resistant.

Every flashlight has its own advantages and disadvantages, but when you are looking for a tactical flashlight that will carry you through the bad case scenarios, your key worries should be light output, power source and weight.

End words

The tactical flashlight is maybe one of the most underrated “tactical” tools accessible on the market. Functioning as a blending tool, deterrent, and an improvised weapon, an Olight Warrior 3S tactical flashlight provides you with many more options for defending yourself matched to the typical pocket knife or pepper spray.

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