Online Marketing Strategies to Increase Customer Satisfaction

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What do you think when you visit a clothing store to look around for fall clothes and the clerk follows you around, talks to you, and responds excessively? It’s like ‘burden’, ‘discomfort’, and even ‘sorry’. Perhaps this is why, in recent years, there have been many places where clothing store employees do not respond to customers first, but instead respond to customers when they seek help. To increase sales and boost relationships with customers, one should know the importance of the four p’s of marketing .The calculation that ‘the new response method increases customer satisfaction’ may have played a part in the background of abandoning the traditional customer response strategy and adopting a new response method. So, how should you respond to customers online? In this post, we will look at the 4 laws of online marketing strategy to increase customer satisfaction.

1. Finding out what the customer needs

The biggest influence on a company’s success is its customers. If you can’t find out what your customers need, your business and your entire company may go out of business. The same is true when interacting with customers online. If you don’t figure out what type of interaction your customers want, you’ll lose them. In particular, today’s customers are exposed to so many marketing and promotional messages that it is easy to tell which companies are taking a true marketing strategy and which ones are just targeting consumers’ wallets.

Even as you develop your online marketing strategy, you must first determine what your customers want. Otherwise, if the company only conveys what it wants to say, customers will easily get tired of it, and in the worst case, customers may be taken away by competitors.Larablogy

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2. Don’t try to convey too much information

While it’s important to inform and educate your customers about your company, it’s not a good marketing strategy to bombard them with too much information at once. When people see too many letters in front of their eyes, they ask, ‘How long will it take to read all of this?’ I think the same. Negative thoughts begin to build up in the minds of customers before they even read the article. That’s why marketers need to learn to value their customers’ time. 

3. Don’t bore your customers

Have you heard of the rule of the number 7? In marketing, consumers encounter promotional and marketing content for a product/service at least seven times before making a purchase decision. We are not saying number 7 is accurate, but at least you can guess that you need to communicate with potential customers quite often, right?

There are many ways for companies to deliver their messages to consumers, including TV ads, radio ads, search ads, blogs, social media, and email. At this time, do not copy and paste the same content all the time, but try to talk to consumers through a slightly colorful content marketing strategy while showing the company’s identity. 

4. Don’t surprise your customers

People love surprises in a positive sense. You inform your customer that they will get a 10% discount but at the time of checkout you offer them an additional discount of 10%, so in total, they would be getting a 20% discount. On the other hand, what if you buy a product online, but when you get to the checkout page, you find out that you have to pay extra for shipping and other additional charges? There will be customers who close the site window immediately and give up on the purchase, and there will be customers who cry and eat mustard because the time they have spent so far is a waste. In the long run, these uncomfortable surprises have a negative impact on customer relationships.

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