Organic Pillows – Why is it so important to use natural pillows instead of synthetic pillows?

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Tired of fighting your allergies? Just start with your kisses. Turn a down or synthetic pillow into a natural pillow. Why? Dust mites love soft pillows. Meanwhile, cotton polyester blend pillows can harbor bacteria, mold, and mildew. The pillow is next to your face all night and we spend a third of our lives sleeping. Therefore, it is better to choose a natural pillow that does not contain chemicals, pesticides, strong dyes or other toxic substances.

Choosing natural pillows means choosing a healthy sleeping environment for yourself and your loved ones. It helps you sleep better at night and promotes healthy breathing. And more! All natural pillows can also prevent wrinkles.

Here you have to decide which filling you want.

 Maybe you want a vegan or feather pillow. When we talk about a vegan pillow, it is usually a cotton pillow, a natural latex pillow, a kapok pillow. Let’s discuss these pillows in detail.

Our all vegan organic cotton pillow is filled with 100% certified organic cotton and covered with soft European organic cotton fabric. Organic cotton is cotton that comes from non-genetically modified plants grown without pesticides and synthetic fertilizers that can end up in the air, water, soil and food. All cotton sold as organic in the United States must meet the specific requirements of the National Organic Program, which describe how cotton is grown.

Organic latex pillows are becoming increasingly popular.

 They are available in different shapes and sizes for added comfort: natural cut latex pads, natural shape latex pads or natural shape latex pads. Many people choose natural latex products over synthetic memory foam made with chemicals and petroleum-based ingredients.

Where does natural latex come from? Made from latex extracted from the belly of the rubber tree under organic guidelines, the natural latex is said to be made at the purest level without harsh chemicals, pesticides or other abrasives. Botanically derived latexes are known as natural:

• Antimicrobial

• Dust resistant

• Weak resistance

• Hypoallergenic

• It is fire retardant

100 vegan pillowcases are silky!

 Our kapok pillows come from the flower of a towering fruit tree. This fiber is very similar to silk, which makes the pillow soft on the inside. It squeezes easily and gently bounces without leaving. Covered with our beautiful organic cotton brown, which makes the pillow attractive and durable. Also available as an affordable version with a soft organic cotton satin coating.

Many people like RestOrganic wool pillows because of their amazing properties. Organic wool is wool produced in accordance with federal organic farming standards. The best organic wool comes from merino wool sheep from New 100% organic wool is natural: moisture absorbent (can absorb up to 1/3 of its weight), fire resistant (wool has low flame spread and low heat), heat retaining (wool). Insulating and airtight without obstructing air circulation), static resistant (wool can absorb moisture and then conduct static electricity), mold and mite resistant, hypoallergenic, fully breathable.


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