Origin of Best Deep Gulzar quotes

Deep Gulzar quotes
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Here we are going to see about the Deep Gulzar quotes and their origin. Gular spends his half-century writing poetries and film songs, and he is trying to keep pace with Gen-X, even though he can’t change to writing with pen and paper. He proposed that his life journey starts from writing with pen and paper, and also he said that his contemplation starts from this pen and paper. 

In the beginning, Gulzar started his career as a Hindi film songwriter. As years passed Gular feels losing his sensibility on thinking the songs writing new generation remained firm as he switched on to writing Bollywood items songs like ‘Kajrare’ and ‘Beedi jalai le’. And the most essential thing to note is, that the “Jai Ho” song in the Bollywood film Slumdog millionaire was written by Gulzar and was nominated for an Oscar award and also triumphed for A R Rahman and additionally won the Grammy award too. 

Deep Gulzar quotes explains the aspects of a life

When we noticed that, Gulzar’s lyrics which he wrote for his movie songs are exact lines from his quotes. His talents and contribution toward his work are eventually bright and soulful. Many people considered his poetry, quotes, and song lyrics as motivation for their life. And it is obvious, suites for everyone’s real-life incidents. Here, the lyrics for either poetry or movie song lyrics that completely maintain the line that goes toward the simple aspects of a person. Moreover, Gulzar has the best commercial lyrics for most of the movies that enhance the movie with his excellent soulful song lyrics.

Gulzar’s career

Gulzar was working with PWA (progressive Writer’s Association), where he met two famous people Veterans Shailendra and Bimal Roy, who encouraged him to progress in films. Then he began his career as a movie song lyricist under the direction of Bimal Roy and Hrishikesh Mukherjee. He worked as a lyricist for the film “Kabuli Wala” (1961). Although he grabbed attention after he worked on the film “Bandini” (1963) in which he shows all his skills and knack for the lyrics of the song “ Mora Gora Ang Lai Le”.

Gulzar gained recognition after he wrote the lyrics of the song “Humne Dekhi Hai Un Aankhon Ki Mehakti” from the film “Khamoshi” (1969). Years passed, and Gulzar made his first director debut in 1971 for the film “Mere Apne”. After this success, he directed many films, which earned recognition for him as a director, lyricist, and poet.


As well as for his Deep Gulzar quotes. Gulzar’s poetry is mostly written in Hindi, Urdu, and Punjabi. And for the novel also he preferred to write in Urdu with Punjabi words and some other terminology. But he initially didn’t prefer writing the novel in the English version. Also, he translated some books.  He also has a career in television. He worked for television for the very first time for the Hindi dub of the Japanese series “Fushigi no Kuni no Alice ”, in which additionally he wrote the lyrics for its title song. Moreover, he also wrote and produced the famous TV series “Mirza Ghalib” (1988).

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