Simple Tricks To Resolve Outlook Not Updating Automatically

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When using the Microsoft Outlook email client on Windows, users frequently run into the issue of Outlook not updating. When this problem arises, emails may only be received if the user selects Update Folder from the Send/Receive tab in Outlook. Other Outlook performance difficulties, such as outlook emails not updating, delay in sending or receiving emails, slow or no search results, etc., are frequently present together with this issue. Don’t worry, we are here to help you out with this issue. Read this blog. 

Outlook Not Updating

Why does Outlook not Automatically Update Emails?

Due to one of the following problems, Outlook email not updating automatically:

  • Corruption of PST File 
  • The slow rate of inbox refresh
  • The auto-update function is not active.
  • In Outlook, the auto-update feature is not enabled.

Fix Outlook App Not Updating Emails With Easy Solutions

There are some of the best solutions you can follow to fix Outlook not updating emails issue as follows:

Fix 1: Examine your internet connection

Check to see that the internet is working and the mailbox server is operational. You may confirm by logging into your webmail account using a web browser. If you can sign in successfully, access all of your mail items, and send and receive emails, the problem could be with your Outlook profile or data file (.OST) Continue utilizing the following fixes to identify the problem and remedy it.

Fix 2: Look over the Outlook settings

Outlook warns users and asks for a new password if it has been changed when it cannot connect to the mailbox server. It might not always trigger. Therefore, you may manually verify your email login information and account settings to make sure Outlook connects to the mailbox server and synchronizes mail items to/from the server.

The following are the steps:

  • Select your email account by going to File > Account Settings > Account Settings in Outlook.
  • To access more settings, choose Change.
  • Check that the email account settings are accurate and verify and update the login information.

Fix 3: Delete Offline Items


The “Cached Exchange Mode” feature is often enabled by default for accounts set up in Microsoft Outlook. This makes it possible for you to continue working with MS Outlook when on the road and even while you are offline. The ‘Outlook inbox not updating automatically’ issue could thus be resolved by deleting these offline items. The following guidelines must be followed: 

In Outlook, navigate to the inbox folder and right-click the folder you wish to delete all offline items. 

  • Select “Properties” from the drop-down menu now.
  • Select ‘Clear Offline Items’ from the menu.
  • Outlook offline objects must be removed
  • Select OK at the confirmation prompt.
  • Clearing-offline-items-in-outlook

Fix 4:  Make a new OST file

problems, which can result in out-of-date emails and mailbox items, delays while sending or receiving emails, sluggish search results, etc. 

Try rebuilding the offline Outlook data file if the previously recommended fixes did not help you (.ost). The following are the steps:

  • Right-click on an email in the left pane of Outlook once it is open.
  • Selecting Open File Location. The location of the OST file will be opened.
  • The location of the ost file
  • Close the Outlook client when you’ve found it, then copy the OST file to another disc or folder.
  • Delete the default Outlook OST file after copying, then launch Outlook.
  • Then a caution dialogue box appears. Please press the OK button.

Fix 5: Deleting the OST files

The “.ost” file is used by the Microsoft Outlook client to store and cache all messages, events, and other data. These files are frequently deleted in order to fix the “Outlook not updating inbox automatically” problem. The steps to remove OST files are as follows:

  • Close your Outlook account first, then log off entirely.
  • Now type “Run” into the search box at Windows Start to launch a dialogue box.
  • Afterward, type “%LOCALAPPDATA%MicrosoftOutlook” into the run box.
  • You will now see the Outlook folder’s display pane. Open the.OST file from the folder by browsing it.
  • To finish, perform right-click on the.OST file and choose delete.


You may use the aforementioned fixes to resolve the Outlook not updating emails issue with Outlook 2021, 2019, 2016, 2013, or 2010. You should check your emails to make sure there are no lost emails, especially after creating a new profile or remaking the OST file to fix the problem.

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