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If you own a truck and live in Alpharetta GA, you may know that the paint on your vehicle can be quite expensive to repair or even repaint. Luckily, you can protect your investment by choosing paint protection from an Alpharetta GA clear bra company to help prevent those unsightly and costly scratches from happening in the first place. With an Alpharetta GA clear bra company by your side, we can help to protect your vehicle from these scratches, dings, and nicks that may occur during regular use of your truck. If you need clear bra company Alpharetta GA, contact us today!


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As a truck driver, you know that your vehicle is one of the most important tools in your work life. You rely on it to get you to and from jobs and to carry all of your company’s expensive cargo. Unfortunately, the road is a dangerous place for trucks. There are more than 1 million motor vehicle accidents per year in the U.S., and many of those accidents involve trucks. But drivers don’t have to be at the mercy of Mother Nature. An investment in clear bra paint protection can go a long way toward protecting your truck against rock chips and other forms of damage.

What is a clear bra?

A clear bra is a thin polyurethane film that is applied to the surface of your vehicle to prevent scratches, scrapes, and other damage from impacting your car’s paint. This protective barrier will shield your car from debris and help maintain a like-new appearance for years. One important thing to note about this paint protection for trucks Alpharetta GA  is that it only covers the outermost part of your vehicle which means it won’t interfere with your windshield wipers or reduce visibility in any way. If you’re interested in learning more about our installation process or pricing, contact us today!

The benefits of a clear bra

A clear bra is a piece of protective film that wraps around the front end and side panels of a vehicle, to protect against stone chips, bug splatters, scratches, and minor scrapes. A clear bra can dramatically improve the appearance and resale value of your car.  Protection from paint chips is something that people often think about when looking for ways to protect their ceramic window tinting service Alpharetta GA. Whether you are a driver or someone who takes care of cars on behalf of drivers, there are many reasons why it is important to have some type of protection. A clear bra helps prevent damage that occurs over time by providing an additional layer over areas prone to chipping. If you are an individual with a limited budget but would like some way to protect your vehicle, a clear bra could be the perfect solution for you.

The process of installing a clear bra

The clear bra installation process is actually quite simple. First, the installer will measure your vehicle to determine the best-fitting clear bra for your specific make and model of truck. Then, we’ll apply a self-adhesive film to the desired area of your truck where you want us to install the clear bra. We’ll then cut away any excess film that might be hanging off of the truck body so that it doesn’t interfere with any moving parts on or around your vehicle.


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