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As for today’s culture, nails say a lot about your personality. Ridges, unusual colour patches, uneven shapes or dents are sure-shot signs of unhealthy nails. Changes in nail texture or shape could indicate deficiencies in essential nutrients in your diet. These nutrients are required to get strong and healthy-looking nails. Your nails require adequate vitamin and mineral intake to stay healthy. In this blog, you will get all the information about the top five nutrients that your body requires for paint-worthy pretty nails that you’ve always wanted. Be it thinning brittle nails or dark-tinted ones, read below for solutions for these nail problems. You can find the PaintBox Cuticle Oil and exclusive shades of Nail Paints on the PaintBox website with exclusive Paint Box offers that make it all cost-effective. Without any further ado, here are the top five supplements that you need for picture-perfect healthy nails. 

  1. Biotin and other B Vitamins

    Biotin is a Vitamin B complex vitamin, also known as Vitamin B7, Coenzyme R and Vitamin H. It’s a well-known supplement and has the most research behind it, making it one of the most recommended supplements for nail health. It is shown to promote healthy cell growth and aids in breaking down complex protein-building amino acids, also called metabolism, which is essential for healthy nails. The recommended daily intake of 30 mcg for adult men and women is sufficient. Biotin can be found in eggs, meat, fish, nuts and seeds. For vegans or vegetarians, it might be a good idea to get a Biotin Supplement to aid in their daily intake. Other than Biotin, Vitamin B12 is also essential for healthy nails. Deficiency of Vitamin B12 can cause unusual darkening of the nails or might result in a bluish-blackish tint or brownish pigmentation if the deficiency lasts for an elongated period. Vitamin B12 works majorly to boost iron absorption and takes care of the development of RBCs, which stands for Red Blood Cells. It is mostly found in meats and dairy products. So vegetarians would again have to look for supplements that suit their demands. Adults require only 2.4 mcg of B12 in their daily diet, so make sure you get supplements ranging around that number. Another B Vitamin that is vital for nail growth is Vitamin B9, better known as folate. The deficiency of folate might cause pigmentation changes in your nails and could result in them becoming brittle and rigid. You can find nail paints filled with these supplements on the Paintbox website at an exquisite cost using PaintBox coupons.  
  1. Iron

    The middle, centre part of the Red Blood Cell is made of iron. The function of RBCs is to carry oxygen to your organs and various cells of your body, and that includes your nails. In short, iron levels need to be maintained in your diet to ensure the arrival of adequate oxygen to your nails. A lack of iron could result in ridges in your nails or even nails curving inwards, forming a concave. Thankfully, finding iron is not going to be a task as it is present in breakfast cereals, green leafy veggies, peanuts, oysters, beans, dark chocolate, along with other iron-fortified foods.
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  2. Protein

    The composition of nails mostly includes a protein called keratin. It is keratin that provides strength and flexibility. The dead keratin cells are pushed upwards as a way of shedding by the body which results in nails growing up from underneath. Eating an adequate amount of protein would not only help you strengthen your nails, but could also help your nails get longer. The RDA for protein is 0.36 grams per pound or 0.8 grams per kg and it could be found in meats, poultry, dairy, fish and well as plant-based foods, such as legumes and soy. PaintBox Nail Paints can provide that chic look to your nails. You can find out more about PaintBox deals by visiting the PaintBox website to avail of additional discounts on your purchase.

  3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids.

    This is the nutrient that you need for those shiny nails. Omega 3 fatty acids give your nails the required moisturisation and lubrication for that shine along with a well-rounded look. Omega 3 could also help prevent inflammation in your nails, which promotes healthy growth and also nourishes the nail plate. Omega 3 fatty acids are found aplenty in certain fish like salmon, trout, mackerel, tuna, flax seeds, chia seeds, walnuts, eggs and soy. This one also helps prevent dry and brittle nails. PaintBox nail paints can provide shine and give your nails a premium look in just a few minutes. You can purchase premium nail paints and even book manicures from the PaintBox websites, along with all the PaintBox promo codes and other additional discounts. 
  4. Zinc and Selenium

    Zinc and Selenium are the most vital supplements for stronger nails. Zinc also works towards the growth and division of cells that keep building. Nails are made up of cells that divide and grow rapidly. To enhance the growth and production of nails, a steady supply of zinc is necessary. Both Zinc and Selenium can help in preventing serious conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis and replacing degenerating tissues. These vitamins are present in legumes, nuts, tuna, shellfish, chicken and turkey. PaintBox Cuticle Oil can help you find all these nutrients in one supplement that can help promote nail growth and strength. You can avail of exciting discounts by using PaintBox discount codes by signing up for the PaintBox newsletter.

These are the five supplements that can effortlessly uplift your nails’ health. Most of these supplements are easily available and could be incorporated into your diet without any inconvenience. Also check out PaintBox Nail Paints which promise to be cruelty-free, vegan, paraben-free, and gluten-free and provide a classy look to your nails. The Nail Paints take inspiration from spring and summer blooms to colour blocking in street style. PainBox provides a versatile collection at your disposal that you can find conveniently on the PaintBox website. PaintBox shopping will help customers avail the best offers, and vouchers that intend to minimize their billing amounts. One must choose to sign up on the website and get to know about the PaintBox sale which keeps launching time and again. 

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