Pakistani Bridal Wear Ideas 

The intricateness, delicacy, and beauty of Pakistani wedding dresses are unmatchable. Also, these weddings are colorful events with loads of fun and entertainment for all guests. Everyone wears new, colorful, trendy, and dazzling outfits. The closer you bond with the bride or groom, the more you invest in your dress. One of the primary wedding events is Nikah, and the bride must look her best on this day.  

The primary religion in Pakistan is Islam. More than 90% of the population is Muslim and strictly practices Islam. So, you can see Islamic influence in Pakistani bridal wear. Unique Pakistani culture also inspires the dresses here. That is why you will only find similar bridal dresses in the world in Pakistan. Also, this region has a diverse and rich history of the Mughal empire, which also reflects in the dress.

Pakistani brides wear three main types of dresses. The majority goes for Sharara-kurta. The long tight shirt is actually the Kurta. Sharara, on the other hand, is a pair of wide-legged and ruched pants. Women also wear a long veil with it. They wrap it either around the shoulders or over the head. They are made from a great material that makes it easy for you to move around. Also, it is designed to help you stay cool.

Shararas & Sharara Skirts

In most cases, sharara has detailed embroidery from the knees down. You may also find big and bold borders or designs all over the dress. Expensive brocade or silk usually makes up Pakistani bridal sharara. Gorgeous and fine embroidery all over is a mandatory part. Covering the entire body from head to toe makes them look traditional and stylish at the same time.

Bridal Lehengas

Bridal Lehengas are also worn at Nikah events. They are also as vibrant as Shararas. Its usage is also common at Nikah events. It consists of a long skirt, a shawl, and a blouse. We also refer to the blouse as choli. The choli fits close to the body. 

Different brides could be looking for different looks. Some may take it up to the waist, and others like to stop at the navel. Sleeves and necklines are also always open to changes. You can try different experiments to discover new styles. 

Intricate designs and traditional techniques are the trademarks of Pakistani bridal lehengas like shararas. Some techniques are ek taar work with crystals, zari work, and cut dana. 

We also refer to Pakistani bridal suits as bridal salwar kameez. These dresses are famous worldwide for fine decoration and beautiful embroidery. The salwar is loose pants. It is tight near the ankles. Sometimes, we pair bridal salwar kameez with a long kameez or kurta. But a more popular combination is the kurta and pants. Another essential part of this outfit is the veil or dupatta.

These hilarious and traditional dresses complete the wardrobe of new brides in Pakistan. Without them, it is incomplete. The classic colors commonly used for them are pink, purple, green, and red. However, since today’s brides prefer a blend of western and traditional fashion, they may opt for unusual colors like pastels or a mix of colors. Therefore, Pakistani bridal gowns are also one of the mainstream options. 

So, the options for women are endless if their priority is trendy looks and modern attire. Many prefer to incorporate these elements in the latest Pakistani embroidery and designs. Women throughout the globe love the latest Pakistani wedding dresses. It does not mean they necessarily have to go with the religious values of Pakistan. It is just because they adore different cultures. Pakistani wedding dresses are loved worldwide for their styles, designs, and shapes. They are demanded all over the world.

Bridal Accessories

However, there are many things other than dress for the Pakistani bride. They also wear a lot of traditional jewelry and many other accessories. For example, there are heavy gold necklaces, bangles, and earrings. Their use is common throughout the Indian subcontinent and widely liked worldwide. Foreigners also like the unique looks of Pakistani bridal jewelry.

This jewelry comes in a great design. More often, they come in layers. The string of gold beads is connected with a pendant or design in the center. Famous jewelry known as Jhoomar or Passa is worn on the forehead. Its design is also complex and multi-layered, as it goes from the hairline to the ears. 

Besides the Jhoomar, they also wear nose rings, bangles, and large earrings. The metal used for their construction is gold, and the components are beads of different colors. They could also be precious or semiprecious stones. They are used to make the jewelry look dazzling. However, it is better to stick to traditional Pakistani bridal jewelry for traditional Pakistani clothes like shararas and lehengas.

In short, there is no question about the popularity of Pakistani bridal dresses. Women from different cultures also wear these dresses. The credit goes to famous actors and actresses who choose to have traditional weddings. 

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