Parameter comparison Astrill VPN vs. Surfshark: Which VPN to choose?

Which VPN has better performance: Astrill, or is it better to prefer Surfshark? We carefully compared the parameters of both VPNs, they divided points, and the score is 5.1/10 to 8.1/10.

Measured speed Astrill : Surfshark, which one runs faster?

Download and upload speeds are among the most important parameters, and this also applies to Astrill and Surfshark.

On average, we measured the speed of the first VPN 72 Mb/s, the second VPN reached an average value of 155 Mb/s. Astrill VPN it showed up to be about 83 Mb/s slower compared to Surfshark.

Upload Astrill was 10 Mb/s. Surfshark we measured on average 84 Mb/s, because of that, it is 74 Mb/s faster.

The response speed for the first VPN was 28 ms. Time response of Surfshark , we measured 10 ms. For the response speed, the lower value is more advantageous, therefore Astrill VPN was 18 ms worse.

Running point total Astrill VPN vs. Surfshark so amounts 4/10 – 7/10.

Will managed Astrill VPN Netflix streaming?

Download speed is key to unblocking foreign Netflix, Astrill this function knows. For most VPNs, you just need to connect and choose a country, Surfshark foreign Netflix unblock proves.

VPN can also be used to unblock videos which are normally blocked on YouTube, whereby Surfshark this function includes. Second VPN function for unblock YouTube videos handles. There is also a very good article with comparison of YouTube Premium cost.

Good VPN should also support MultiHop connection, DNS leak protection, and  tracker blocking. Such as Astrill VPN offers protection from leak DNS and Surfshark again provides whitelisting.

For functions of VPN the score is 8/10 x 10/10.

Will stand Astrill in the number of servers and in the offer of countries?

Few servers can have negative effect on speed, Astrill states 109  servers, in the catalogue Surfshark we counted a total 3 200  servers. So, the first one offers them about 3091 less .

For VPN, it is also worth to track the number of countries with servers, by Surfshark at the moment of writing was 68. The second contrasted VPN offers 57, about 11 less. Here so loses.

It is also worth to mention the number of simultaneously connectable devices, which Astrill VPN handles 5. Surfshark at the same moment allow to connect unlimited devices. The full list of parameters can be found in the article VPN for Netflix.

Which platforms handles Astrill VPN and which offers Surfshark?

Supported devices are probably the most important parameter of a VPN, Astrill VPN supports Android devices and connects iOS operating system Surfshark iPhone iOS will protect, Android devices proves cover.

The release of user information is governed by the jurisdiction where the VPN is based. Astrill VPN is based in the Seychelles. The company operating the second service is registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Application Astrill is not accessible in other languages Surfshark to other languages also cannot be set.

In the platform evaluation achieved Astrill a grade 9/10, Surfshark gained 10/10.

Subscription price of Astrill VPN x Surfshark

Surfshark can be ordered for $2 monthly, a subscription to the second of the VPNs you can have from $10.51 monthly. The grade for the ratio of subscription price to the features offered is 1/10, or rather 10/10 for the second named.

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