Partner Visa Subclass 820 – Know Its Benefits Here

Visa Subclass 820
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The partner visa subclass 820 is for onshore visa applicants in Australia. The visa applicant should have an Australian partner or a permanent resident of Australia as a partner. Even if your partner is an eligible New Zealand citizen, this visa will be required. This visa is applicable even for de facto relationships. Visa subclass 820 will allow you to stay and work in Australia. This provisional visa will allow you to get a permanent partner visa subclass 801. You can apply for both visas at the same time. It will ensure that you are paying only one application fee. The applications for the visas are processed in two stages. The two stages of the application process are around two years apart.

You can learn about the benefits of visa subclass 820 by scrolling down. The steps for applying for this visa have also been discussed.

Benefits Of Subclass 820 Visa

The benefits of subclass 820 visa are as follows:

  1. Loads Of Flexibility
    You can get a lot of freedom and flexibility from visa subclass 820. It allows you to stay in Australia as long as the visa subclass 801 does not get approved. You also get full Australian working rights. You can travel in and out of the country without any restrictions. If you want to study in Australia, this visa will allow you to do it. However, you will not get any government aid for studying in Australia.
  2. Access To Medicare
    A major advantage of applying for partner visa 820 is that it provides you access to Medicare. It revolves around health care services in Australia. You can get free or subsidized treatment from doctors in Australia. It is also applicable to optometrists, dentists, and other medical practitioners. You can also get free accommodation and treatment at any public hospital. Medicare can also help you get PBS medications.
  3. Adult Migration English Program
    If you talk to a migration agent Perth, you will know about the AMEP that is associated with visa 820. You can get 510 hours of English language tuition-free of cost. The classes can be attended in various Australian cities as well as rural and regional areas. You can opt for full-time or part-time study at your convenience. You can also attend weekend or night classes. You can also enroll yourself in-home tutor schemes or independent online learning. Some people also opt for distance learning with classes taking place on the internet.
  4. Inclusion Of Dependent Children
    You can talk to a visa consultant Perth to know about the policy of moving your family to Australia. If your children meet the eligibility criteria, you can move them to Australia without much hassle. Your children will be able to enjoy the same visa conditions and rights as you.

    Your dependent children should be below 18 years to be eligible for inclusion in this visa application. But if they are above 18 but below 23, the following criteria need to be followed:

  • Financial dependency on you or your partner because of being a full-time student
  • Unable to take up any job due to physical or mental disabilities
  • Not married, in a de facto relationship, or engaged to be married

Do You Need To Show Proof Of Your Relationship To Get Partner Visa 820?

You need to be living together with your partner while lodging partner visa 820. Family members included in the application for visa 820 also need to be staying in Australia during the time of lodgement. Children living overseas can be included in the visa application as non-migrating dependents. When the decision for visa 801 is being made, it’s not mandatory for you to stay in Australia.

  • Visa subclass 820 will require you to show evidence of your relationship with your partner. It will include proving your commitment toward one another. Proof of shared living arrangements also needs to be provided.
  • You need to show that you and your partner recognize the relationship socially. An immigration consultant Perth will help you with gathering the evidence for making the application.
  • You have to continue providing evidence as the application begins to get approved. You have to keep proving that your relationship is ongoing. An immigration officer might interview you during the application process. The interview might take place face-to-face or over the phone. You will have to answer questions regarding the nature of your relationship as part of this interview.

You are generally required to show evidence for a minimum of a year of cohabitation. But your relationship can be registered to waive this requirement. Even if you are in a registered relationship, you need to be living together with your partner while making the visa application. Registering a relationship requires both partners to be above the age of 18 years.

You cannot be married to someone else or be involved in a de facto relationship with someone else to register your relationship with your partner. You also cannot be related to one another if you want to register your relationship. Same-sex relations can also be registered within the Australian territory. You can register your relationship while lodging the application for partner visa 820.

Processing Time And Cost

The visa application form 25% application got processed within five months. However, it took nine months to approve 50% of visa applications. Some applications might take 21 months to 31 months to get approved. An unnecessary delay in the processing time occurs when you don’t provide proper documents. Taking the help of an immigration agent will help in reducing the processing time as much as possible.

The application cost of visa subclass 820 is AUD 7,850 for most of the applicants. Applicants who hold the Prospective Marriage visa or visa subclass 300 will be required to pay AUD 1,310. The application fee for both visa subclass 820 and visa subclass 801 need to be paid together. Some additional charges for health certificates and police certificates might be required to be paid.

Steps To Apply For Visa Subclass 820

  • Prepare the necessary documents: You have to prepare the necessary documents that need to be submitted. The claims you make about your relationship need to be supported by the documents.
  • Lodge the application: You can lodge the application in person, by post, or even online. The documents, as well as the fee, need to be provided while lodging the application.
  • Wait for the final decision: It might take a few months to get the final decision regarding your visa application. The visa will allow you to stay in Australia while the decision is being made.
  • Receive the visa and begin working: After the application gets approved, you will get your visa. The visa allows you to begin working in Australia while enjoying different employee rights like other citizens.

Wrapping Up

Visa subclass 820 is an effective way to get visa 801 in Australia. It provides various benefits like enrolling in Medicare and the inclusion of dependent children. You have to show proof of your relationship while lodging the application for visa subclass 820. Getting in touch with a reliable Migration Consultant Perth will increase the chances of the visa 820 application getting approved.

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