PaxPally, a New Central Online Content Platform, Invites Writers and Creators to “Admire or Create TV” for Clients

Paxpally Media

LONDON — October 17, 2022 — PaxPally™ today announced a new, online membership web platform that enables creative performers to sell and market their unique content through online interaction. PaxPally markets itself as a meeting point for creators, content agencies and admirers. The platform was introduced last week.

The platform is the brainchild of UK-based entrepreneur Meddie Ssegujja, who has had a lot of experience in the online content field, recently establishing a successful pilot project in Malta managing content creators. Meddie developed the platform to address the lack of opportunities and public stages for content creators. Inspired by the challenges and needs to get content out to the public, Ssegujja has already attracted a lot of buzz for PaxPally, which is truly a singular and improved alternative to other platforms.

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“There is room for all sorts of content for all sorts of users,” said Ssegujja, who is CEO and owner of PaxPally. “One can imagine that different people will benefit from content that speaks to them. We offer so many different types of content on our platform and look forward to viewers taking advantage of all there is to see.”

The web-based platform provides business tools for content creators to run their own subscription service. PaxPally introduced its unique online platform so content creators could have the opportunity to show who they are and what they like to do. PaxPally provides the opportunity for people with their personal points of view to share original recorded material and get paid on their dedicated channels.   

The content on PaxPally encourages people to explore their joy and find ways of expression. Content creators challenge users through dance, pantomime, art, music and all sorts of expression. There is something for everyone, from sports enthusiasts to luxury footwear. Performance artists use props, costumes and shoes that appeal to users looking for specific videos and want to experience various scenarios.

VIPs are given an enhanced experience based on likes and preferences. offers a wide range of some of the most interesting digital videos available today. The content is designed for open-minded adults interested in expanding one’s life and one’s minds.

The creative performers and actors have worked hard in establishing a unique destination in which they can share fun and interesting things with content viewers. The fantastic ideas that come from these writers have been put into a library of preferred content and storylines.

PaxPally offers a referral payout programme that gives creators 10 percent of their referred earnings based on the first 100 transactions. The 10 percent will be taken from PaxPally’s commission fee and is limited to the first million dollars of income earned by each referred creator. In addition to payment processing fees, the Paxpally Creator Platform charges a commission between 10 to 18 percent of creators’ monthly income.

There are no limitations on the number of referred creators or total referred earnings. Please note that referred creators must use their referral code when signing up for the service. PaxPally is owned by Paxpally Media LTD.

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