Pencil Drawing – Simple Steps To Capture A Gymnast

Are you interested in sports and particularly gymnastics?

If you love gymnastics then taking some time to draw a gymnast is worth your efforts and will give you a super challenge which you will love.

If you love gymnastics then it will be easy for you to visualize the stunts the gymnast will perform in your picture.

It is important Bild zeichnen lassen that you plan all the moves that he will perform from start to finish in your minds eye before you get started.

If you are drawing an action picture for the first time, and you are a newbie, it is important that you first grab a picture and start copying it rather than drawing the picture directly out of your memory.

This is important because gymnastics is a very toned sport and the clothing that people where out there makes sure that there is enough muscle to be exposed.

This makes it difficult for you to get it right on the paper if you are not an anatomy expert, therefore it is advisable to get a picture to copy from initially.

Here are the basic steps that you need to perform…

  1. Check out your subject.
  2. Setup the composition, that is environment around.
  3. Visualize a gymnastic to see what she does.
  4. Checkout muscle movements.
  5. Checkout the energy levels.
  6. Checkout the clothes and how they move about.
  7. See the feelings and expressions involved.
  8. Check and look proportion.
  9. Move your hand freely while drawing so that the drawing does not look at stand still.

Keep this in mind that this project is tough if you are a newbie. However, if you master this skill it is well worth the efforts that you put in as you will have the confidence to put any sport into paper.

Don’t get nervous if it does not come out the best for the first time. You will succeed eventually.

3 – Artist’s Secrets To Learning How To Draw When You Can’t Draw Well

You can easily learn to draw. “But…” you will say in reply… “I can’t even draw as well as a child at school” In reality it doesn’t matter how bad your drawing is…

Let’s list a few popular drawing subjects… A Car, A Dragon, A Wolf, A Tree, A Rose or other flowers, A Cat or a Dog, A Lion or a Tiger, A Horse or a Pig

Yes, it’s difficult to draw a realistic Car. It’s hard to draw a Dragon because they don’t exist. And, an animal doesn’t keep still unless they are asleep.

So… “How do you draw a picture when you can’t draw well?” Here are 3 artist’s secrets…

  • Use a grid to Copy
  • Use clear tracing paper to Trace
  • Use a projector to project an image

Even professional artists use any or all of these methods… I have used all of them to produce paintings and drawings. They can’t make your drawings look perfect but they are great drawing guides that can help you.

Although you are unlikely to get a perfect copy the 3 methods are great for… Getting an idea of shape and form… Getting drawing layout right (repositioning objects and figures)… Increasing and reducing object size (Scaling)

So… “Where can you use the 3 copying methods…?

Imagine you want to draw portraits of your children as they grow up…

You will have photographs of them from the time they were babies through to leaving school. Why not use one of these photographs to learn to draw?

1. Use A Grid to Copy

Get some transparent graph paper and draw the outline of the face, the nose, the ears, the mouth and eyes.

To draw a picture the same size all you have to do is turn the paper over and draw around the outline with a pencil. To transfer the image to your drawing you turn the paper again to the top side and draw around the original pencil marks.

When you have finished the picture will be copied through to your drawing

2. Easy Image Enlargement

It is easy to enlarge the image… scale up using larger squares… use 10 squares for every 1 original square and you have Portrait zeichnen lassen increased the image size by a ratio of 10 to 1.

3. Use A Projector

Perhaps the easiest way to increase the scale of a photograph is to use a projector, projecting the image directly on to the drawing paper.

These techniques may be considered by some people as cheats… Do you care if they help you learn how to draw what you want?


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