Perforated Cable Tray- Specification, Purpose, and Benefits

perforated cable tray
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Are you looking for information regarding the perforated cable tray types, benefits, and specifications? If yes, then here we are providing you with brief information about it. 

But before you jump into the search for perforated cable trays, you have to know a little about cable trays. So that it will be easy for you to understand the whole topic. A cable tray is one of the best options to organize heavy-duty cable wires systematically. It provides a route to the cable wires and gives free space for the cable wires to be installed easily. 

Cable management is the safest and ideal option in this electrical field. It is maintained from ceiling to wall to provide a path for cable wires to be arranged properly. The cable tray is made of premium material metal that helps in protecting the wires from overheating and fire risk. Cable tray manufacturer provides the tray in a wide variety of sizes and ranges and also provide customization facility. 

One type of cable tray is a perforated cable tray that we are going to briefly discuss below:

What is a perforated cable tray?

Perforated cable trays are a type of cable management system that has a ventilated or open base with holes at the bottom. This cable tray is an ideal solution to large volume cable wires that helps in distributing electricity to industrial and commercial areas. These holes are set by the cable tray manufacturer that generates ventilation. Ventilation comes from the process of perforation which is why it is called a perforated cable tray.

Perforated cable trays have a hole in the tray that allows air circulation to the cables. This cable tray is made of high-quality material and is covered with a galvanized coating. This powder coating protects the cable from overheating, dust, and falling residue. The cable tray manufacturer provides the customization facility as well as per the requirement of the customer. This cable tray has some great features such as high durability, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and other features. The perforated tray has a smooth edge that protects the cable wires from any damage. The accessories of this cable tray are flexible, and easy and provide quick installation to maintain a long life span. 

Perforated cable tray specification

Perforated cable tray is available in different sizes, ranges, and with their accessories. This cable tray has some specifications that are mentioned below:

Standard Length2500 mm to 3000 mm
Width50 mm to 1250 mm
Thickness1.6 mm to 3.0 mm
Height20 mm to 150 mm
MaterialsMild Steel Aluminum, Stainless Steel 

Purpose of perforated cable tray

A perforated cable tray is the support system for large-volume cable wires. Perforated cable tray helps to update, reorganize, or move channels while supporting and protecting power and signal wires. Its main objective is to organize heavy cable wires and provide ventilation. 

perforated cable trays are open and have ventilated base that allows strong heat circulation and provides a straightforward manner for replacement and repairs. This cable tray is useful for underfloor use even though they are frequently attached to dividers or suspended from roofs. Data cables and wires are maintained using perforated cable trays. This cable tray is usually affixed to walls or suspended from rooftops.

Benefits of the perforated tray

Perforated cable trays are beneficial for arranging and organizing cable wires in a systematic manner. Given below are some of the features of perforated cable trays that are mostly preferred and used in the industry.

Less expensive

 One of the benefits to use a perforated cable tray is that it is affordable. As per its best quality material, cable tray manufacturers provide it at a reasonable cost.


The perforated tray is made of premium quality material and has a galvanized coated cover. This powder-coated covering protects the cable wires from dust, water, and severe damage. 


One of the major advantages of using a perforated cable tray is that it is significantly less expensive than other systems for protecting wiring on the factory floor.


The perforated cable tray is a type of cable management system that support a large volume of cable wires. The wires can easily enter or exit the Perforated Cable Tray at any point of the operation.


The cable tray manufacturer provides the perforated tray in different sizes and also provides a customization facility as per the requirement of the customer. 


I hope the information regarding the perforated cable tray above has answered all of your questions. As we said earlier, a perforated tray is an ideal choice because it organizes the cable wires in a proper manner. It contains ventilation holes that allow the cable wires to get easy air circulation and make it simple for them to enter and escape. The powder-coated lid and premium-quality construction of this tray help to shield the cable wires from damage caused by water, dust, and other factors. There are several sizes and ranges of perforated cable trays. The perforated tray is beneficial in many ways including cost-effectiveness, high durability, flexibility, security, anti-corrosive, and many more.

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