Perform Wavlink Extender Setup- In 5 Simple Steps

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The Wavlink extender setup is a simply-use gadget with multiple benefits. Installing this device at your place will allow you to get a powerful internet signal and the fastest speed. Moreover, the wavlink extender setup will strengthen your existing router’s network and make it advantageous for your all devices. Although you may find the setup process complicated, you can use our easiest points to do the extender setup hassle-free.

Step 1- Place The Extender Near Your Existing Router

  • Initially, place the extender close to your existing router to make a strong connection.
  • Make sure that your extender is placed away from all other electronic gadgets. 
  • The location of the extender should not be near the metal devices.
  • All these points will allow your extender to avoid signal interruptions.

Prior to initiating the setup process, bear in mind and should consider these useful points to do the setup trouble-free.

Step 2- Plug The Wavlink Extender Setup Into An Power Outlet

To begin with, plug the wavlink extender into a working power socket. Keep in mind that the distance between the extender and the router should be minimal. Make it clear that your router has an active internet connection. After plugging in the extender, analyze the light indication of the extender. The LED on the extender should give a sign of ready to set up. If it’s now showing the ideal light indication, then unplug the extender and plug it in again. In addition, check if the power outlet is working or not.

Step 3- Connect Your Device To The Existing WiFi Network

After fixing the extender into the power socket, make the connection between your device and the WiFi network. Use a mobile or any device and go to the WiFi network list, and choose your router’s network. Following this, insert the router’s default password in the field and make the connection between your device and the router. Ensure that your extender must be connected to the same router WiFi network.

In case, you are using a laptop or PC, then use an ethernet wire to do the connection. Take a new or well-functioning ethernet cable. Firstly, insert one end of the wire into the extender’s ethernet port and another into your laptop’s port. Finally, the extender will connect to your PC. Here we recommend you connect the device to the extender using an ethernet wire. This will help you to cover your entire house coverage by giving a widen signal. 

Step 4- Configure Your Extender By Using The Web-Based Setup Method

  • Use your connected device to visit the extender’s setup page.
  • Open any web browser on the device and search for the extender’s default web address.
  • Here the default web address is
  • After that, the web browser will redirect you to the setup page.
  • On that page, fill in the login credentials to start the setup process.
  • Use the extender’s default password in the field.
  • In the next step, complete the setup process by inserting some basic details.
  • Apart from the web address, you can also choose the IP address to visit the setup page.
  • Here the extender’s default IP address is

By following these simple points, you can do the setup process conveniently. 

Step 5- Go To The Extender’s Wireless Settings On The Setup Page To Make The Advanced Settings

After the completion of the setup procedure, you must do the modifications and advanced settings for the extender. Go to the extender’s web-based setup page by using and click on the wireless settings. You can perform the advanced settings of the extender there. Make the changes there and never forget to tap the Save option to implement the changes. However, to make your extender network more secure, create a new and strong password for your extender. 

Hence, these are the steps for the configuration of the wavlink extender setup. Furthermore, verify the working of the extender after the completion of the setup. The extender should work efficiently and give an effective signal to your devices.

To Conclude

After installing the Wavlink extender setup at your place, you will definitely get a number of benefits. The extender will enhance the router’s performance and work significantly. No matter whether it is your home or office, you will surely get strong WiFi signals in every corner. By following our simple extender setup tips you can do the configuration in an easy way. In case, you face any issues during the configuration or wavlink extender not working then don’t hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to assist you!

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