Permanent Hair Extensions Exist- Here’s How They Work 

Using hair extensions is an excellent approach to achieving longer, fuller hair without the wait. With the rising demand, today, you can find a ton of different types of hair extensions, ranging from temporary and semi-permanent to permanent options.

While some hair extensions need to be replaced after a few weeks, permanent extensions are designed to “live” in your hair for a long time, making them great for women who want longer and thicker hair for months! 

Are you primarily seeking increased thickness or length? Are you going for something natural or adding color to your current appearance? Here’s everything you need to know about the most popular extensions– keratin tip extensions. 

What Are Keratin Tip Extensions?

Keratin hair extensions 

Keratin hair extensions are tiny strands of natural, unprocessed Remy hair extensions. Keratin hair extensions have tiny beads of keratin adhesive at the tip of each strand. The extensions are attached to your natural hair using heat or ultrasonic waves.

The extensions are installed in rows just like clip-in human hair extensions so that, even when you’re wearing a ponytail, the tips will always be meticulously covered by a layer of your hair.

Steps On Installing Keratin Tip Extensions 

Steps on installing keratin tip extensions 

  1. Part your hair and clip the top section up to keep it out of the way for the subsequent treatments. Using a stem comb, select a hair from the bottom region near the location of the part.
  2. Attach the permanent hair extensions with glue on your hair strand about 2 mm above the scalp.
  3. Part by part and strand by strand, work your way up the rear of the skull using steps 1 through 2. Next, repeat the process for your sides of the head.
  4. Keep the Keratin bond extensions away from your face as much as possible. If the Remy hair extensions are too close together, they might be noticeable when you style your hair in an updo or place it in a ponytail.

Note: Remember, you should always get your keratin extensions installed by a professional to prevent hair damage. 

Benefits Of Keratin Tip Extensions 

Benefits of keratin Tip extensions 

  1. They lengthen and amplify your hair.
  2. Fully adaptable to match or enhance the color of your natural hair.
  3. With the right maintenance, keratin-bonded permanent hair extensions can last up to six months.
  4. The bonds’ positioning allows your hair to move normally.
  5. Compared to tape-in or sew-in hair applications, the keratin option offers more versatility. 
  6. You can experiment with colors without dyeing or bleaching your natural hair. 
  7. Keratin extensions are low-maintenance. 
  8. Just as you would with your hair, you can straighten, curl, and color your Remy hair extensions.

How To Maintain The K-Bond Extensions?

How to maintain the K-bond extensions 

You must take good care of your new keratin-bonded permanent extensions if you want them to last as long as possible.

  1. Wait two days after the application to shampoo your hair.
  1. Avoid using oil or cream-based hair products, especially near the bonds. 
  2. Don’t over-style your permanent hair extensions with heat-styling tools to keep the extension healthy and lustrous.
  3. Use a hair extension comb to detangle.
  4. Use a mild shampoo, and remember that less tangling is caused by cool water.
  5. Use gentle conditioners, but avoid applying them directly to the bond.

Tips To Keep In Mind 

Tips to keep in mind 

  • Thick, coarse hair is best suited for keratin-bonded remy hair extensions.
  • To avoid knots, braid or put your hair into a ponytail before going to bed.
  • Avoid swimming with your extensions because it could harm the roots.
  • To avoid damaging the adhesive, dry your hair as soon as possible after a shower.
  • Whenever you style your hair, use low to moderate heat.


Half an inch of hair grows on average each month. In other words, the typical head of hair grows by six inches a year. If you can’t wait that long, you might need keratin natural hair extensions. Using hair extensions, especially keratin ones, is a terrific way to switch up your hairstyle. 

Get your Keratin Bonds from Diva Divine and enjoy the lustrous length and volume of your natural hair. Always slay your looks every day! 

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