Philips CPAP Machines Recalled

PE-PUR foam

Philips recalled its CPAP machines due to a possible danger from PE-PUR foam. This type of foam releases toxic chemicals into the air during use. These chemicals may be absorbed by the skin and lead to a number of health risks. These chemicals are harmful to patients, and may cause heart attacks, headaches, and fatigue.

This issue has caused Philips to recall some of their CPAP machines and other products. Despite the risks of PE-PUR foam, Philips did not conduct a documented risk analysis. The company has also recalled some of its Trilogy ventilator products.

Diethylene glycol

CPAP machines made by Philips contain diethylene glycol, which is a solvent that can cause respiratory complications. It is linked to life-threatening asthma, pulmonary fibrosis, and bronchitis. The substance can damage the lungs and can even cause cancer. The substance is classified as a volatile organic compound (VOC), a type of chemical that is released by many synthetic materials and human-made compounds. Chemists are studying the health effects of VOCs, which include diethylene glycol.

This chemical can be found in the PE-PUR foam used in Philips devices. When it breaks down, it releases toxic by-products that can enter the body through the device’s airway. Exposure to these chemicals can lead to adverse health effects, including nausea, hypersensitivity, and headaches.


Philips has issued a recall for its CPAP machines. The machines, which were marketed to treat sleep apnea, may cause health risks, including respiratory injuries, liver and kidney damage, and even cancer. If you think you might be affected by the recall, contact your doctor and ask for a replacement device. It is important to note that the list of recalled devices is not exhaustive.

The recall involves 15 million CPAP and BiPAP machines. The manufacturer is working with the FDA to ensure the quality of recalled devices. It has also hired a new public relations firm to help deal with the heightened public awareness of the problem.

Class action lawsuits

Philips recently issued a recall for certain models of its CPAP machines. These machines emitted high levels of formaldehyde during use. These emissions can cause serious health complications, such as respiratory problems and even cancer. If you have been injured by these machines, contact a lawyer today.

The company may be liable for the injuries suffered by its users. This is a matter of products liability, and users can file a lawsuit if the device causes them pain or other problems. Philips is also potentially liable for the costs of recalls and repairs.

Individual claims can be made against Philips, but they are likely to be filed separately. Philips machines can cost as much as $800. Because the machines are so costly, individual lawsuits may not be worth the hassle. Alternatively, you can seek compensation as a member of a class, which will allow many people with the same problem to share the costs of a lawyer.

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