Philips Recalls CPAP Machine Amidst Lawsuit

2021 Philips CPAP recall
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Recently, Philips has recalled an entire model of CPAP machine after many users reported injury and even death as a result of using the machines. If you have experienced side effects while using this product or if you lost a loved one because of this product, you may be eligible to receive compensation through a Philips CPAP machine recall lawsuit. Contact us today to find out more about filing a claim!

Reasons for Recall

In order to maintain its high quality and safety standards, Philips recently issued a voluntary recall on its portable CPAP machines. If a user forgets to turn the device off, water can spill out of the water chamber, which is why Philips initiated the recall. For more information about the Philips CPAP machine recall lawsuit, click here.

The Case Against Philips Respironics

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The Philips Respironics Remstar System One and Provent Therapy Systems were recalled in February of this year due to a risk of fire. Philips agreed to replace these models with the newer REMstar SE System One after an investigation found that certain electrical components could cause a fire. The company also agreed to issue refunds to consumers who had purchased the recalled devices before they were taken off the market, but now there is a class action lawsuit against them because some consumers claim that they did not receive their refund even though it was promised. The plaintiff in this case is seeking damages and legal fees for himself and all other similarly situated people who have not yet been reimbursed by Philips Respironics.

The Case For Philips Respironics

There are multiple class action law firms involved in this lawsuit, and they may be looking for more people to join the lawsuit. Philips Respironics is a big player in the medical device market, but they’re not immune to product recalls like the one announced on July 12th. If you own a Philips Respironics machine and want to find out more about your options during this time of uncertainty, reach out to one of these firms for information about how you can get involved with a class action lawsuit. You could be eligible for compensation if your machine isn’t defective or if it was repaired without delay by Philips Respironics.

Class Action Lawsuits against Philips Respironics

Phillips Respironics and its parent company, Philips, have been facing a class action lawsuit from the people who purchased their Philips CPAP machine. The suit alleges that the machines are defective and have high failure rates. The plaintiffs in this case claim that Phillips Respironics and Philips know about these issues but fail to warn consumers about them. They also allege that Phillips Respironics refused to refund consumers even if they returned the equipment within one year of purchase. So far, no settlement has been reached with Phillips Respironics and Philips on this issue.

How To File A Claim

Before you can file a claim for the Philips CPAP recall, you need to register for a claim through the website. Registration is fairly straightforward: once you click on File Your Claim from the webpage, you’ll need to enter your name, address and email address before clicking Submit. Keep in mind that once your registration is complete, it may take up to 90 days before you receive further correspondence.

What To Do if You Have an Inflated Pressure Setting

If you have an inflating pressure setting, call the law firm of your choice and speak to a lawyer about a possible classaction lawsuit. If you want to file on your own, check out the Philips CPAP recall website for more information. Contact Philips and provide them with your name, address, telephone number and email address. You should also document any problems you are having as well as the date they first occurred.

Examples of Inflated Pressure Settings on the Dreamstation Auto, Dreamstation Pro and Other Models by Philips Respironics

A recent class action lawsuit alleges that Philips Respironics knowingly sold defective and dangerous products, and refused to properly warn consumers about the risks. The company’s products have been found to deliver dangerously high levels of pressure, which can lead to serious health problems. There are more than 65 lawsuits pending against Philips Respironics, alleging their CPAP machines delivered inflated pressure settings that led to several adverse side effects including headaches, dizziness, nausea and blackouts. Plaintiffs in these cases allege they were never warned of the dangers associated with high-pressure settings on the Dreamstation Auto, Dreamstation Pro and other models by Philips Respironics.


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