Piano Lessons in NYC

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If you’re thinking of taking Piano Lessons in NYC but aren’t sure where to start, you’re not the only one. New York City has many excellent options to learn how playing the piano. You can pick from Riverside Music Studios, Anahid Syourapian Piano Studio, and Mayuko. There’s also a nearby school for musicians named Keys to Success.

Anahid Syourapian Piano Studio

The Anahid Syourapian Piano Studio is located in West Manhattan and offers both private and virtual piano lessons for students of all levels. This school is home to numerous students who have taken part in many international competitions for piano and have performed on stage at Carnegie Hall. Teachers also provide various activities that aid students at all levels learn to play the piano. The classes are designed to meet the needs of the student and preferences.

Keys to Success

If you’re a kid or an adult Keys to Success offers private piano lessons that will aid you in reaching your goals. The lessons offered by Keys to Success will not only aid you in learning the art in playing piano, but they also will help you grow into a confident, persistent and imaginative performer. Students also get the opportunity to perform in competitions, recitals and accrediting tests.

Riverside Music Studios

Riverside Music Studios offers a diverse range of piano lessons for kids and adults, along with guitar, violin, cello and vocal lessons. With a professional staff of and experienced instructor, Riverside offers lessons for every level of musicianship. Riverside was established in 2002 and has many of the city’s best instructors.


Lessons with Mayuko’s pianist at the piano in NYC can be highly recommended. Students have achieved impressive scores on ABRSM exams and have been a part of many piano contests. Mayuko is an Japanese native, who was raised within Sendai, Japan. She has studied classical music and been inspired by jazz masters such as Thelonious Monk. The pianist has been teaching piano as well as chant for more than three years.


Alexandra Ross began teaching piano lessons in New York City at the age of three. She emphasizes emotional wisdom and well-being to help students develop with passion and enthusiasm. She believes that motivation for students originates from within them, which is why her classes focus on breathing and taking in the aspects of music that are hard and slow. Alexandra is also a firm believer in giving students the tools needed to be self-sufficient artists.


Julia Ross has been teaching piano lessons for over nine years. She stresses learning theory, improvisation and the development of ear. She also invites students to bring their own music, giving them the opportunity to pick music that they find inspiring. Students are also advised to practice during their lessons to become more self-sufficient. The ultimate goal of Julia is to encourage students to develop an intimate connection with music.SNPX Stock

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