PILOT FriXion – erasable pins that forgive any mistake

The market for writing utensils is extremely broad and offers pens for every conceivable occasion. Whether you want to write a text, draw a picture or mark an important text passage, in the stationery trade you will find the right solution.how to make remote control helicopter at home very easy Especially at the beginning of their school career, when the students learn to write, the ambitious ABC shooters still make many mistakes. In this situation, it is worthwhile to use a pen whose ink can be easily eliminated. The PILOT brand has taken this into account and developed such a pen.

What is a PILOT FriXion?

A pen called PILOT FriXion is a gel pen that can be described as an erasable pen. This means that you can simply delete the link of the FriXion with a FriXion eraser and rewrite the misspelled word. After etching, no remnants of the ink remain and the sheet is as clean as if you had not written anything yet. The family of erasable PILOT pens with the designation FriXion includes the following variants:

  • FriXion Clicker
  • FriXion Point
  • FriXion Ball
  • FriXion Colors
  • PILOT Luminous Marker
  • FriXion Refills

Areas of application of the PILOT FriXion series

Anyone who thought that erasable pens from PILOT are only suitable for use by children is deceiving because these small all-rounders can be used in a much more diverse way. Popular areas of application are, for example:

  • Elementary school
  • Secondary education
  • Workplace
  • Home for children
  • Home for adults

The different pen variants are available in a wide variety of colors, so they are not only suitable for writing, but also for painting or marking. The line widths are also different, ranging from 0.25 mm (FriXion Clicker and FriXion Point) to 3.3 mm (FriXion luminous markers). The other models have line widths of 0.35 mm (FriXion Ball) or 0.63 mm (FriXion Colors). The different thickness predestines the individual pens to use for sketching, drawing, coloring, or marking.

Special features of gel writers

Comparative tests have shown that the pens have properties that make them stand out from other pens in terms of quality. These properties mainly include:

  • Excellent writing flow (even when the pen is in an oblique position)
  • Very high-quality workmanship (e.B. firm fit of the protective cap)
  • More choice through possible individual purchase
  • Many different colors are available
  • Very abrasion-resistant and durable eraser
  • Although the unit price is higher than comparable pens, it is particularly durable and also visually appealing.

Conclusion: Is a PILOT FriXion a must-have?

One could now discuss whether such a pen of the brand PILOT FriXion can be described as a so-called must-have for students. If discounter models are used for comparison purposes, the advantages of the PILOT pens are more than clear. Among other things, the high-quality appearance and the quality of etching speak for the FriXion. The discount pins produce more residue here, which speaks for faster wear of the rubber and thus for the Pilot FriXion, in which the eraser shows almost no signs of wear even with multiple erasing.

In addition, PILOT offers a wide range of FriXion pens that are more appealing, with which the pens from the discounter can not keep up. Another feature that justifies the higher price is the yield of the ink. As a rule,best rc car this lasts considerably longer than that of the models “further down the shelf”. In addition, users of the PILOT FriXion regularly report an excellent writing flow. This is undoubtedly particularly suitable for primary school pupils who are to learn the basics of writing. Especially for school beginners, the PILOT FriXion has earned the name “must-have”.

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