7 Places To Check In When Visiting America – Travel Guide

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People say that America is the land of dreams. Attracting millions of tourists every year, it has some of the best tourist locations in the world. After seeing the several majestic places as seen in Hollywood movies, it has become a go-to destination for tourists from all corners of the world.

If you are interested in visiting some great locations in this country, then start reading this article right now. We have recommended seven must-visit places in the country that we believe no tourist should miss out on. 

Best Places To Visit In America

The seven best places you must visit on your trip to America are:

1. Aspen

Located in the remotest parts of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado, Aspen is home to one of the best ski resorts in America. This place is named as such because of the abundance of so many aspen trees in the region that dots the snowy landscape. 

Ever since the ski resorts opened up after converting an old mining camp, this has been one of the premier winter destinations for tourists since the 1960s. The Aspen valley features great spots for skiing, snowmobiling, sledding, and snowboarding, to name a few. It also has famous destinations like the Aspen Community Church and the Wheeler Opera House. 

2. The Grand Canyon

One of the most famous places in America, the Grand Canyon of Arizona, attracts millions of tourists every year. One of the natural wonders of the world, this place was created over a million years ago by the natural erosion of the land by the Colorado River. 

Measuring 450kms long, 2kms deep, and 30kms wide, this is a great place for tourists to click great photos and selfies to make their trip memorable. The Grand Canyon National Park is a must-visit because of the presence of majestic landscapes and lots of wildlife. 

3. Mount Rushmore

The colossal sculpture of the most famous president of America, Mount Rushmore, is an iconic sight to behold. Located in Keystone, South Dakota, this artistic masterpiece was created by Gutzon Borglum. Being approximately 60 feet long, you will get to see the faces of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln.

Also known as the Shrine of Democracy, this monument attracts more than 2 million tourists every year. Being as iconic as the Statue of Liberty, this place is a must-visit for tourists to click great pictures. A fun fact about this place – it was supposed to be created with the bust and face, but time and construction constraints made it how it is now. 

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4. Niagara Falls

One of the biggest waterfalls in the world, Niagara Falls is a marvelous natural sight to behold. Often referred to as the “Honeymoon Capital of the World”, this is one of the best tourist locations for couples on their honeymoon, attracting millions of couples every year. 

Three different waterfalls – Horseshoe Falls, Bridal Veil Falls, and the American Falls comprise this giant waterfall. To experience the majesty of this waterfall, take part in the maiden of the mist boat tour to get close to this cascading waterfall and touch its waters. 

5. Hawaii

Lying far from the Californian coast, the islands of Hawaii lie neck-deep in the middle of the pacific ocean. Comprising 137 different islands, this is one of the best tourist spots in America that no one should miss out on. This place is littered with wonderful sights to visit.

Famous sights to explore include the NaPali coast, the Waimea Canyon, and the Waikiki beach. Being a coastal area, this place has lots of activities to do, like waterboard surfing, hiking on top of volcanoes, and snorkeling on the visually pleasing coral reefs surrounding the islands. Aso, taste the American flatbread if you can. 

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6. Las Vegas

If you want to earn money or lose it all,  Las Vegas is the place you should visit. While this place was already famous, movies like The Hangover have made it even more popular. Better than visiting the abandoned places in North Carolina, Las Vegas is littered with casinos that attract gamblers from all over the world. 

Located smack dab in the Nevada desert in America, visit famous places like the Caesars Palace and Bellagio and stay in the MGM Grand Hotel. You can also visit famous landmarks located in this city around the Strip – a famous spot for daily performances and shows. 

7. New York City

New York is aptly named the “City that never sleeps.” By far the most popular city in America, many people call this place an urban paradise. The popularity of this city has skyrocketed ever since most Hollywood films started featuring it extensively. 

Exploring the five sectors of New York City – Bronx, Staten Island, Manhattan, Queens, and Brooklyn – is a must for all tourists. If you want some cultural representation, you will get that here too. Visit places like Chinatown and Little Italy for some cultural appreciation. However, the best sight to behold is the iconic Statue of Liberty. In addition, visit Broadway Theatre, and Madison Square Garden, and catch the New York Yankees in action.


America is littered with many iconic places to visit, like Mount Rushmore, Niagara Falls, and the Grand Canyon. You can also visit great cities like Hawaii, Las Vegas, and the world-famous New York City – home to the marvelous Statue of Liberty. Wherever and whenever you go, there are lots of great places to visit in this country that will make your trip worthwhile.

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