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Setting the Mood

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Take inspiration from family traditions when planning your anniversary celebrations. What are your family’s traditions for celebrating important milestones? If you are the type of family that prefers low-key, relaxed celebrations, then an extravagant affair may not be the best choice, unless it’s a milestone anniversary. A barbeque on the beach might not be the best option if you and your family like to celebrate extravagantly. You and your family can decide on the right tone for your party.

Make a Budget

Before you make any bookings, you need to establish a budget. The venue, caterer and number of guests that you can invite will be determined by your budget. You should allocate a budget for each aspect of your party, including decorations, catering and venue hire. anniversary decoration Remember that your success at an anniversary celebration does not depend on how much money you spend but the sentiment behind it.

Create a guest list

After you have established your budget, you can choose who to invite. Your guest list will be more extensive if you are celebrating a milestone. You’ll want to invite family and friends as well as colleagues. Keep your guest list small and informal if your event is intimate. The cost of catering and the size of the venue will be determined by your guest list.

Set the date

Couples want their anniversary celebration to be as close as possible. It is possible to book your venue and caterer early depending on the season. Summer is peak wedding season, while summer is full of New Year’s parties and Christmas parties. Book your event in the summer months well in advance if you plan to hold it.

Book a Place

Your anniversary celebrations can be held almost anywhere. Your celebration location will depend on the formality of your event and how many guests you invite. For a formal event, you can search for ballrooms or hotel function rooms, as well as restaurant function halls. You can also search for banquet halls. Many venues that are hired will provide decorations and entertainers. You can search for venues that offer the services you need at a reasonable price.

You could host your event in public spaces or in your home if your anniversary celebrations are informal. You might be able to rent affordable function rooms from local RSL clubs and churches.

Send the invitations

Now it is time to send your invitations. You can have invitations made by a professional printer, purchase them at a party planning shop or newsagent, or make your own. Every invitation should include a date and time as well as the location and RSVP date.

Select your Catering Service

No matter if you are catering for an informal or formal event, hiring a caterer to prepare your menus is the best and most cost-effective way to feed your guests. Look for local caterers with relevant experience and testimonials. It’s a great way for you to see the quality of the presentation, as well as get ideas for your event. Your guest list and the formality of the event will determine the type of service you choose. If you prefer a casual affair, ask your caterer for a barbeque. You can choose to serve a buffet or a carvery if you are catering to a large group. For a more formal event, you can opt for a sit down meal or a cocktail menu. Your caterer can help you decide on the type and choice of food.


The type of anniversary celebration you are hosting will determine the entertainment that you choose. You can hire a band, or a DJ for a formal event. The type of entertainment you choose will depend on the guests. You can ask your guests if they are interested in dancing or just listening to music while they eat. A photographer could be hired to take photos of your event.

A sound-system is more suitable for casual events than background music. You can create your own playlist with songs that you are passionate about.

It is possible to renew your vows during the celebration. This is an important part of the entertainment. A slideshow of photos or videos from your home could be included.


Toasts add a special touch to any anniversary celebration, no matter how formal or informal. You can ask your children, grandchildren, friends, and colleagues to toast you, or make your own. Your toasts should be short and direct, but you should also reflect the spirit of the celebration.

Anniversaries Decorations

You have the option to keep your decorations simple or extravagant. Low-cost decorations for tables and rooms include streamers, candles and balloons as well as flowers, streamers and balloons. anniversary decoration ideas Photos of your family could be placed on tables and strung up in garlands.

To Give or Not to Give?

Guests will usually give gifts to each other without asking. You can include a statement in your invitations stating that you would prefer not to be given gifts, especially if it isn’t a milestone.

It is possible to organize an anniversary party with ease if you have enough time to plan and book. Your guests and you will treasure your anniversary celebration for many years.

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