POINTS ABOUT THE VALIDITY OF A digital marketing agency in 2023

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This article will show you what a digital marketing agency can do for your company in Reunion and elsewhere. We are not digital “marabous ” Don’t believe these agencies are huge scams that require large amounts of money and have no guarantee of success.


Du Simple au Double is a web marketing agency that supports brands and digital marketing agency. We don’t force you to accept a solution. Instead, we create a cohesive strategy tailored to your needs, current challenges, and available resources. To fully understand the business challenges and goals, it is essential to have a thorough overview of the company from the very first meeting.


Content production is an important factor when a company has an online strategy. This can be anything from a simple post to video production or graphic design. The agency will provide the tools and quality content to help the company gain credibility and visibility on the internet. This is a matter of honour. The content will showcase your expertise and talk about your brand. It will also have the effect of reaching (new) qualified customers.

Social networks and presence

The web marketing agency can direct a company to a social platform or establish an efficient (and relevant) editorial strategy there. For example, a small business located in Saint-Pierre won’t be able to establish a LinkedIn presence. A good agency should proactively communicate with the client to obtain feedback. Validation (it is always beneficial to have different opinions).
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Continuous monitoring

Agency clients can use the latest management and analysis tools that allow them to monitor the effects of actions on various digital media in real-time. If the agency has access to this data, the client can also track it. This notion of real-time means that it is possible to correct action if it doesn’t work out. This is especially relevant in advertising on Facebook. For example, observing the right metrics (cost per action, reach, etc.) is important. Using the correct targeting will allow you to avoid potential strategic mistakes.


Trust is not an exclusion of control in any partnership. Sometimes agencies don’t realize that keeping a veil between themselves and clients can hinder development and cause problems in human relationships. A digital marketing agency can give access to documents that correspond to them to highlight their internal work. This allows clients to make comments, make changes, and follow the progress. This applies to regular reports (documents that group together interesting statistics and analyses of a digital marketing agency medium) and real-time dashboards.

Let’s summarize the benefits of a web marketing agency:

  • A global strategy that is relevant and effective online
  • High-quality content
  • Visibility increases
  • An active presence on social media
  • Regular follow-ups and exchanges

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