Porcelain tiles – a general guide to selections and applications

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Although porcelain wall tiles are most commonly used for floors, they can also be used on counters, back walls and shower walls. Porcelain veneer is produced in many sizes from 10×10 inches to 40×40 inches and in large sizes of 60×60 inches and 60×120 inches, which are used for exterior cladding of commercial facades. Porcelain tiles are generally available in natural, smooth, polished and patterned finishes. This type of tile is ideal for indoor and outdoor floors and walls as well as building facades. Available for both indoor and outdoor use, porcelain tiles have versatility. Porcelain outdoor signs are often used for gardens, porches and outdoors due to their durability.

Mosaic ceramic tile

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Some mosaic tiles are ceramic. Some homes use ceramic vanity backsplash tile for the entire bathroom, which can be quite expensive. Ceramic tiles are mainly used on floors and walls in commercial toilets. Mosaic tiles are beautiful and extremely durable, resistant to water and bacteria, and require little maintenance.

Glazed ceramic

A product most commonly used by homeowners for wall tiles is glazed tile because of its durability and the variety of colors and textures available in tile stores. Glossy or matte, highly polished and dirt-repellent. Many glazed tile designs feature beautiful artificial finishes such as granite, limestone, and slate. They come in different shapes and sizes and are usually machine made.

Porcelain tiles are much harder and thicker than ceramic tiles and therefore can be used in both residential and commercial areas with heavy traffic. The stiffness makes assembly a little more difficult and requires special tools for cutting and shaping. That’s why it’s best to undergo extensive training or hire a professional to install porcelain tiles for your flooring project.


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