Portable Shampoo Basins: Hair Washing Utility For The Disabled

What Are Shampoo Basins?

In salons and long-term-care centers, as well as at homes, shampoo bowls that are inflatable and hair-washing trays make the process less difficult and also comfortable and practical. They are specifically designed for people who aren’t comfortable or able enough to get their hair washed. 

Aslo,  with a lean back to the sink, or for those who are bedridden and are unable to take a walk to the bathroom or shower.

While these products may require the assistance of stylists or caregivers, however, they can assist both the caregiver and the patient or client to take care of grooming and hygiene requirements.

What Are The Benefits Of Inflatable Shampoo Boxes?

Design Variety

The inflatable shampoo Bowls are available in a variety of styles to suit your personal needs. They are one of the most sought-after styles with an inflatable wash basin and the shampoo was specifically created to wash the hair of people who are sleeping.


They’re easy and quick to inflate, and take similar in size to mattresses. While they’re not as comfy, however, they’re constructed to have internal walls that will stop any water from splashing out or flowing out.

Storage And Transport Are Easy

When it’s not being used the basin can be filled with air and then deflated, making it simple to store and transport. In addition to hair washing shampoo bowls that are inflatable are commonly used to aid in ear irrigation, as well as for scalp treatments, as well as for other hygiene reasons.


Inflatable models typically have soft neck support that gives more ease. They can also be inflated using the mouth.

How Do Shampoo Basins Perform?

The majority of them employ an internal system for collecting water. It is equipped with a drain pipe that runs through the basin’s bottom into an empty container for drainage or a different section of the basin. Then, it is empty by hand. 

Clean water that is not used can be kept in the container which is suspended on top of the basin (on one of the poles) and then dispensed by a showerhead that is handheld and a stop-tip valve to control the flow of water. 

The majority of inflatable shampoo bowls are non-latex, which can help prevent allergic reactions or sensitivities.

What Are Shampoo Trays?

Hair shampoo trays often called rinse trays or shampoo trays are available in a variety of designs to satisfy the specific needs of each person. They’re a good choice for those who are in wheelchairs or those who can’t resist standing in their chair but can’t lean backward.

The tray can also be utilized to make connections to sinks by securing them to the back or top or back of the chair (or to the seat) or by securing them to the shoulders and neck of the person being cleaned.

What Are The Benefits Of Shampoo Trays?

  • Shampoo tray holders permit the person receiving care to stay still in their wheelchair, or chair without having to get water or shampoo all over the place.
  • They’re specifically constructed with contoured and elevated edges that prevent water from splashing or spilling out, excluding the sink. Certain models also feature edges that are rubberized to provide more comfort and prevent slippage.
  • Over-the-shoulder models are typically comfortable, padded straps that ensure that the tray is properly balanced and in the right location, and also have special curves that help support necks more effectively.
  • Most hair dishwashing dishes are devoid of latex, and they are easy to clean and maintain with common household cleaning supplies.
  • They’re also smaller for storage and transportation.

Inflatable Shampoo Bowl Simple Method Of Inflating Or Deflate

This foam-filled shampoo basin comes with a switch with two layers within the port for air-filling.

1.) Cap the bottle with black then take the cap off then blow the cap into your mouth. Then you can begin shampooing in less than 10 minutes.

2.) Exhaust Caps By removing the cap, which is black The air outlet can be completely emptied of air in just two seconds. This is why it’s ideal to fold and put away.

3.) Following storage, the weight will be just 160g. This is extremely light!

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