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Power of Attorney in Pakistan and Property Lawyer Lahore:

 Preconditions for ratification of power of attorney and effect of non-ratification.  Very wide terms were used in power of attorney: Attorney had power to enter into compromise on oath on basis of such power of attorney. When a person executes a power of attorney in Pakistan and property lawyer Lahore in favour of a lawyer, it is not that he cannot appear in person before a Court of Law.  Registration not compulsory: Where a power authorised a person to recover rent of immovable property belonging to the grantor, registration is not compulsion,’ 

 Director’s Power of Attorney:

 Attorneys holding general powers of attorney executed by two Directors of Bank when such Directors had been authorised to do so by the Memorandum of Association of the Bank can validly file a suit on behalf of the Bankl Power ceased on death of executant: Holder of power of attorney in Pakistan and property lawyer Lahore has no locus standi to prosecute case on behalf of the executant of the power of attorney after his death.

Extent of Authority:

 Power to sign document on behalf of another does not necessarily imply the power to entry into transaction.  Lawyer’s power: Vakalatnama is not a valuable security within the meaning of Section 30, Penal Code, 1860. The provisions of Sections 32 and 33 of the Registration Act, 1908 can be involved only when the question of validity of registration of a document crops up and not otherwise.  It is well-settled that if the transaction is divisible and one part can be effected by an unregistered instrument and the other requires registration, the instrument may be used as evidence against a power of attorney in Pakistan and property lawyer Lahore of the part which does not require registration of course subject to the condition that the part which is not registered must be independent of the part which required registration.

Property Lawyer Lahore:

Termination of a power of attorney in Pakistan and property lawyer Lahore Where appellant dies (during pendency of appeal), the power given by him to his pleader cease to be in force and that pleader cannot file an application for bringing on record L.Rs. of deceased without a fresh power from such Where the principal just before leaving India executed a power authorizing the agent to act in his absence from India and subsequently, he came to India and again left it but did not execute a new power before so leaving. Held, that the power of agent did not terminate and the agent had power to act for principal to a power of attorney in Pakistan and property lawyer Lahore during his absence. 

Principal and agent:

 G contracting to work for defendants. Defendants accepting terms of power executed by G in favour of plaintiff authorising to sign for payments and to recover all sums due from defendants. Advances by plaintiff to G. Power to hold good till work finished. Power of attorney was held an assignment in plaintiffs favour and that it could not be cancelled till work was finished.  Termination of joint power, Power given by the mother and the sisters of the power holder.


Power remains operative on behalf of his sisters on the death of the mother.  Restrictions in Vakalatnama: a power of attorney in Pakistan and property lawyer Lahore according to terms of power of attorney empowered to engage counsel and file appeals.

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