Prepare Your Written Divorce Papers in Pakistan

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Written Divorce Papers in Pakistan:

If you need written divorce papers in Pakistan from law firm Lahore, you may contact Nazia Law Associates. Divorce that is made when under the influence of alcohol is legal under Hanafi law. However, the Shias do not accept it. Involuntary intoxication: Talaq declared under involuntary intoxication or force is invalid in the context of Hanafi law. In accordance with Hanafi law, when the husband is forced to drink an intoxicant (wine) through force or by taking it as a drug and then declares Talaq, it is not legally valid. The divorce is effective at the point of announcement of the Talaq by divorce papers in Pakistan from law firm Lahore.


The existence of the spouse isn’t required, nor is it necessary for notice to be provided to her. According to Hanafi laws, there is no specific form required. However, Ithna Ashari’s law insists on a precise formula that is followed. The words that are used must signal an unambiguous and clear intention to dissolve the union.

Though art divorced:

 They must be in writing, e.g., “Though art divorced” or “I have divorced you” In this, there is no evidence of intent required. If the words are unclear, then the intent has to be proven. If the phrase is unclear, Talaq will not take place even if the husband is planning to divorce by divorce papers in Pakistan from law firm Lahore. For example, “Thou art my cousin, I am the daughter of my uncle in the event that thou leaves” or”I renounce all ties and would be in no relationship whatsoever with you.” There is no school of the Sunnis that prescribes any formalities for the Talaq.

Law Firm Lahore:

However, Shias require that the divorce by divorce papers in Pakistan from law firm Lahore should be declared orally with the assistance of 2 qualified witnesses. However, the Shias don’t require witnesses to witness the wedding ceremonies. However, the Sunnis don’t require witnesses for divorce, but they insist on having two reliable witnesses during the ceremony of the wedding. The Sunnis allow divorce to be recorded in writing, too; however, they do not allow divorce in writing. Shias believe that the Talaq must be spoken, except if the husband cannot physically pronounce it verbally.

Ithna Asharis:

The Ithna Asharis also insist that certain Arabic words should be included in the divorce formula by divorce papers in Pakistan from law firm Lahore. If the intention remains clear, there is no particular format needed. Any word can be employed. In the maintenance proceedings or in a written statement in the spouse’s suit to reclaim conjugal rights or in proceedings under Section Cr.P.C. (in the updated code, it is called Section ), If the husband makes the claim that he has pronounced the word Talaq to his wife, that’s enough and can result in divorce. In the case of Waj Bibee in Waj Bibee v. Azmat Ali, the Calcutta High Court held that the divorce instrument that was signed by the husband in the presence and presented to the father of the wife was valid, notwithstanding the fact that it was not signed in the presence the wife.

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