Print billboard posters on blue back paper

Billboards and advertising posters are the most common means of communication. Billboards are the traditional effective means of communication for temporary advertising campaigns, placed on special structures in the main streets and avenues of cities.

An Express poster printing agency for billposting is a simple and quick product to make yourself known and to communicate with your audience. They have always been among the most used products for advertising.

Print billboard posters

Printing posters 70×100, are used by the whole market: small, medium, and large commercial and industrial companies, by large-scale distribution, by institutional bodies, municipal electoral posters, associations of any nature, and for promotional, cultural, and political propaganda.

Creating large format posters is a very simple operation thanks to EZ Print, which allows you to configure the product according to your needs. Poster printing or giant billboard posters are the number one product offered by EZ Print at very competitive prices.

The 120 g Blue Back paper with a blue coating on the back, anti-pulp, and resistant to bad weather and sunlight is certainly the most suitable choice for promoting your message in outdoor spaces on any type of surface.

The impact capacity of the billposting poster

Print posters on Blue Back paper. There is no other advertising medium that allows for so many contacts to be made a day with the consumer. If we are not using a very high and concentrated frequency, it is not easy for a person to see the same film on television twice in one day or the same newspaper ad.

But you may see five, ten, or more posters for the same product or service, even just on the way to or from work. The billboard poster can be placed wherever it is considered most useful. It allows you to segment geographically and also to carry out tests in small or large centers.

With the poster printed on a blue back card, you can also choose specific places, such as sports fields, meeting places, or neighborhoods with certain socio-economic characteristics, or only subway stations if a product or service is suitable for those who use that means of transport.

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Final Thoughts

Billboarding can work well for products that don’t need explanation or argument, or as a complementary element of the campaign for all others. Graphically, seeing the product or service is an added advantage: the image of the product is worth a thousand words… the time that a person, on foot or by car, can dedicate to a poster varies between three and thirty seconds. At a red light, while waiting for the bus, or when shopping at the corner supermarket.

Ahsan Ali

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