Procedure Of Putting Up Permanent Dentures

Permanent Dentures
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You can win a million hearts with your perfect smile and reduce everybody’s stress. And a good smile is the one with perfect tooth shape and proper texture. Therefore, in such a case, a denture is a perfect solution to keep your smile sweet. It is an excellent way to make those smile who have lost their teeth. The permanent dentures do not depend on the number of teeth lost. They work the best in any scenario to make the person speak and chew normally, at the same time.

How Many Types of Dentures Do We Have?

There are three types of permanent dentures, which include full dentures, immediate dentures, and partial dentures. An immediate denture takes only one day to install. Whereas, partial dentures have a series of steps to follow. And these steps are necessary because they ensure that your teeth are perfectly fit and will not lead to any future problems. Other factors that we face during the procedure of permanent denture require at least four visits to the dentist.

The dentures available nowadays are not like the traditional ones. With technology, the dentures that we get now look similar to our natural teeth and have no chance of falling out.

Steps for Permanent Denture

Step 1. How To Prepare A Denture?

Denture preparation is not an easy task because it has a series of steps that we need to follow. At first, we have to receive a comprehensive set of examinations. This examination is necessary to determine the overall oral health of the patient. It also helps you to find the underlying problems. By doing this crucial step you give the dentist the chance to undertake the treatment procedure and improvise the shape of his teeth. 

If you have effective flabby tissue on the gums can be a hurdle for your permanent denture fit. To understand the underlying bone structure of your jaw, multiple tests are necessary such as a series of x-rays. The next step in this procedure of preparing a denture includes a gum imprint. Collect the imprint of the gum along with the poured plaster. With the help of this plaster implant, dentists can create new permanent dentures. The final step of this procedure includes a discussion with the dentist about shaping, size, and shading.

Step 2. CJR or MMR

At the time of your second visit to the dentist is to make sure that the permanent dentures are in the right size and shape or not. When you use a denture that has loose fitting, the shape tends to change with time. It is helpful to stimulate your teeth till the time they are not perfect. When the dentures are in coordination with your teeth perfectly, then the dentist would send the rims to the lab for the preparation of the final permanent denture.

Step 3. Wax Fitting

The third visit to the dentist regarding the permanent dentures includes wax fitting. In this setting, the dentist would have a close look at your actual teeth. If there is a difference that the dentist observes, then instead of using plastic the dentist would fill it with the help of wax. However, you will still see that the base is still loose. Wax fitting is the final element that helps you get the final measurement for your permanent dentures.

Step 4. Leaving With Dentures

The final visit to the dentist includes the adjustment to the plastic of your permanent dentures. And the good part of the fourth visit is that you will leave with a brand new set of permanent dentures.

After following all these steps, you will obtain permanent dentures for a lifetime that will solve all your problems. Because you have permanent dentures, now you will look much more confident as they have a more natural look than the temporary dentures. The final benefit is that you no longer have to worry about discomfort during chewing. 

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